Revealed: ‘Qatargate Was a Conspiracy Against Eva Kaili’ 

In a recent revelation regarding Qatargate’s investigation, it has been revealed that the scandal was a conspiracy against Eva Kaili. The Belgian authorities may have exploited the case to serve its interests.

According to the Italian newspaper, the European Parliament must recognise the violation of Eva Kaili’s parliamentary immunity. It has been unable to investigate the case, which led to the illegal imprisonment of MEP. Further, the reports also shed light on Eva Kaili being spied on by Belgian secret services, and the investigation was a flop agenda from the beginning. The investigation started collapsing after the resignation of Judge Michel Claise.

The document also describes the details of the arrest of MEP Andrea Cozzolino, who spent three months under house arrest. Then-judge Michel Claise issued the arrest warrant. Investigator Judge is also known for suspending the arrest warrant of Qatar’s labour minister. During the investigation, he resigned from the case because of a conflict of interest and suspicions against him.

The article also exposes the alleged dialogue between Maria Arena and Antonio Panzeri is brought into focus. It was heard that Pazneri said, “If you’re there, then I can raise more money.” Further, Arena had a significant role in the investigation but was not implicated in the case until Eva Kaili accused Belgian authorities of favouring her. 

Moreover, the document revealed shocking information after the resignation of Michel Claise. Judge’s son appeared to have a business relationship with Arena’s son. It raised the potential conflict of interest. Additionally, Arena’s brother has connections to the current foreign minister. Besides this, her ex-husband also has relations with a foreign minister, which makes more complexities.

The Belgian police and secret services allegedly reported Hugo Lemaire’s movements to Michel Claise. Lemaire was Arena’s son’s business partner. The delayed data entry related to Nicolas Cleese also raises concerns about the investigation. During this development, Panzeri’s wife and daughter were arrested in Italy, linking Arena and Mark Tarabella to the case.

After these developments, Investigators sought more names and implicated Kaili. Here, the question arises as to why Kaili faced severe consequences and 100 days imprisonment. There was no solid proof against her; still, they arrested and investigated Kaili. 

The chain of events raises serious concerns about the credibility of the prosecution team and Belgian authorities. European Parliament has duties to protect its members, and it must act now and launch an investigation against Belgian authorities. 

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