Russell Brand BBC Complaints: Addressing Five Viewer Concerns

Two more complainants have come forward to the BBC since it launched an investigation into Russell Brand’s behavior, the corporation said.

The nature of the allegations made by two other complainants is not specified in an update on the BBC’s review of Russell Brand’s conduct.

The update published today (Tuesday November 14) says the investigation now shows a total of five complaints made directly to the BBC.

The complaints include “allegations of inappropriate workplace conduct, including urinating in bottles in a BBC studio; allegations of inappropriate use of BBC cars and other allegations of conduct in and around the studio not meeting the standards expected of someone engaged by the BBC.”

He added that “it appears that no disciplinary action was taken against Russell Brand during his engagement with the BBC in 2006-8 prior to his departure from the BBC” and that the investigation is “in no way case completed.”

The BBC investigation comes after four women made allegations of sexual abuse against the star between 2006 and 2013, as part of an investigation by The Times, Sunday Times and Channel 4’s Dispatches The Dispatches show aired on September 16.

Two police forces as well as Channel 4, where Brand worked as a presenter, are also investigating Brand.

Brand, 48, denies any allegations against him and said his relationships were “always consensual.”

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