Russian soldiers in Ukraine: “To make war on the Ukrainians is to fight against ours”

On the front page of the press this Wednesday, June 5, the results of the general elections in India, where the Hindu Nationalist Party of Narendra Modi claims a shorter than expected victory. The war in Ukraine seen by Ukrainian and Russian soldiers. The conflict will again be in the background of the commemorations of the landing this year. And Novak Djokovic Package for Roland-Garros.

On the front page of the press, the results of the general elections in India, where the Hindu Nationalist Party of Narendra Modi claims a less wide than expected victory.

With 240 seats won, the BJP fails to win a majority in Parliament, fixed at 272 seats, and will have to find allies to govern, announces The Hindu, which specifies that the Congress Party, the main opposition party, almost doubles Its number of representatives by winning 99 seats. For the newspaper, “the verdict of the people could not be clear: it wants the BJP to be more conciliatory and less conflicting towards the political aspirations of the different communities and regions of India”. A verdict which also shows, according to The Hindu, “the limits of community polarization as a mobilization strategy, which was the pillar of the BJP campaign”.

The Washington Post speaks of “a resounding setback” for Narendra Modi, who fails to obtain a majority for the first time in 23 years of political career. Results that destroy “his invincibility aura”, and testify, according to a political scientist, “because Indian democracy is not as dead” as some people thought. Same diagnosis for The Guardian, which also evokes this “aura of invincibility” now lost and “one of the most humiliating moments for Narendra Modi and the BJP”, after elections showing “a more complex and more diverse image of the Indian political landscape “. “Humiliation”, dixit The Financial Times. For the newspaper, Narendra Modi, certainly weakened, “can however still contribute to concretize the vast economic potential of India, provided that the message of these elections is properly heard”.

In Ukraine, Russian strikes keep intensifying on the front. The Russian army continues its “slow but inexorable snacking to the west”, especially in Avdiivka, fallen this winter. This is where the special envoy of Figaro, which recounts “the resistance at all costs” of Ukrainian soldiers of the 78th regiment, went. Some express their misunderstanding in the face of a delaying mobilization, according to them. “When I see all these young guys who remain hidden in kyiv and go quietly to the concert or the gym, I tell myself that our leaders have missed something,” said one of them. The psychologist attached to this regiment, confirms that times are difficult. “If we compare with the atmosphere of the beginning of the war, that has nothing to do. Many soldiers say they are tired or demotivated. As there is a shortage of volunteers, we call more and more .

“Tired soldiers who do not see the end of this war” is also what Russian on the Russian side, The Moscow Times, said a reporter crossing the regions of southwest Russia, near from the Ukrainian border. On board, men who go to the front line, or come back for a short permission. Among them, a certain Dima, a soldier in his forties “with blue eyes, with a square jaw and muscular arms, like a old Soviet war film”. “To make war on the Ukrainians is hard,” he confesses. “It’s like fighting ours”.

The war in Ukraine leads to a colossal bus consumption, especially 155 mm, part of which is produced in a Munition factory in Pennsylvania, in Scranon, the hometown of Joe Biden. Le Figaro visited this factory, where significant investments have been made to increase production capacity. According to the newspaper, this increase must make it possible to better meet the needs of the Ukrainian army, estimated by NATO between 4,000 and 7,000 artillery shells per day. But also, perhaps, in the coming months, to the needs of the Israeli army for his war against Hamas.

The war in Ukraine is again in the background of the commemorations of the D-Day this year. In the drawing of Chappatte for the Swiss newspaper Le Temps, the specter of war in Europe is close to the beaches where the commemorations of the Allied landing are held, which will assist the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, according to our colleagues from France Info – which Recall that Russia, on the other hand, was not invited. Presence, too, of the American president Joe Biden, whose Elysée greets the visit “historic by his duration”: five days in total. “An intense puzzle for the organizers”, according to the Parisian/today in France, which also evokes the “time of imperative break that had to be developed for an elderly and tired, but not angry to escape A few days at the rolling fire in the American countryside “.

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