Saint-Célestin: Emerging Third Place in Vierzon

After the Grande tablée in May, Saint-Célestin will host, on Friday, the screening of a film as part of the Alimenterre festival. The church gradually becomes a third place.
On May 28, the day of Pentecost, a large meal, called the Grande tablée, welcomed around a hundred people in the Saint-Célestin church. The event was organized by C2S Services, Shab (living space office) and the parish of Vierzon. The three structures are thinking about the future of the building. The Saint-Célestin enclosure, which is owned by the diocese of Bourges, has an area of 4,611 square meters. The church has no longer hosted religious services since June 2022, with the exception of funeral ceremonies.

The organizers will be back on track this Friday, November 10, at 6 p.m. This time, the general public is invited to a screening-debate, as part of the Alimenterre festival (read box). It will be followed by a debate with farmer Jean-Charles Borgnat (based in Cerbois) and MEP Claude Gruffat.

Also this Friday, from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., a time for discussion will take place with the various food aid structures in Vierzon. The Secours populaire, the Restos du coeur and the CCAS (communal social action centers) of Saint-Hilaire-de-Court and Foëcy are expected. “We made a request at the local level to offer cooking workshops,” explains Céline Millérioux, development manager at C2S Services. We do not have approval to distribute food aid. But we have a mission to work to raise awareness. »

This term, originating in the United States, comes from the English “third place”. These are places for meetings and sharing that encourage collaboration and collective projects. In Vierzon, there is the Café Ô Berry, with a cultural vocation, or the food eco-pole. In the Cher, third places are brought together within the LOUI 18 network (acronym for Unique Open and Innovative Place). The event this Friday, November 10 should make it possible to raise public awareness of the future of the Saint-Célestin third place. “Each event will be an opportunity to explain to visitors what is happening here,” explains Céline Millérioux.

Among C2S Services’ projects is that of installing a collection point for products from the Chaponnière eco-park. “But it’s not for now,” says Céline Millérioux. For the moment, the Caf de Tunnel-Château collection point is working well. » After the winter break, however, new events should emerge in Saint-Célestin. “The Archipel de la Sauvague, in Genouilly, which is a collective of artists, would like to set up a small festival,” announces Céline Millérioux. We are working with them to set up an event starting in the spring. »

This future event proves in any case that Saint-Célestin has a future. “It’s a place that has potential,” emphasizes Céline Millérioux. It’s important to keep it alive. It is not complicated to establish a link between the Chaponnière eco-park and this place. »

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