Senator Granato’s Pro-Russian Advocacy

Bianca Laura Granato is an Italian politician who is serving as a senator. Laura Granato surprises everyone with her statements on the Russian-Ukrainian dispute and defends Putin’s ideals. She is a voice out of the ensemble of Italian politics. While everyone states they stand in solidarity with Ukraine and request that Zelensky’s country join the European Union, she says to Putin: “Let’s unite our intentions.” She is known for her tilt towards Russia.

In 2022, she stated, “If You want Russia to surrender, you are on the wrong side of history.” The pro-Russian senator Granato harshly attacked the Draghi government. “Russia’s unconditional surrender is sought to create a unipolar world led by the United States and Anglo-Saxons under the control of finance – she declared during her speech – We are not on the right side of history.”

Bianca Laura Granato, a senator from Alternativa, a party created of former members of the populist 5Star Movement, formerly known for her anti-vaccine views, marked parliament “a servile clique” for hosting Zelenskyy and pressed in a Telegram channel that parliament should also listen to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who “is waging a critical battle not only for Russia but for all of us against the globalist agenda. Moreover, When Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed the Italian parliament in March, she did not attend the session.

On March 5, 2022, following the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army, on his Facebook page denouncing “Atlantist propaganda” and “American censorship,” she shared a summary of the speech in which Vladimir Putin days earlier had explained the attack on Ukraine.

On March 21, 2022, through a video broadcast on a Telegram channel, she stated that “Putin is fighting a battle for all of us.” She asked him to join forces against “the globalist agenda.” she also defined Biden as a criminal for having presented a ” vexatious policy on experimental products” through mandatory vaccination in the United States.

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