Senior Driver’s License Exam: Mandatory Retake?

While the government has just announced a series of measures concerning driving licenses and road safety, the European Commission is considering setting up a specific permit for seniors.

The government has just announced a series of 38 measures to allow all citizens to “driving safely and peacefully on the roads”, including the creation of road homicide, the categorization of a speeding offense equivalent to 50km / h, or even the lowering of the age for obtaining a B license to 17, from January 1, 2024. But nothing has been announced concretely concerning senior drivers while their ability to drive is regularly questioned in recent years. Especially since the figures speak for themselves: the over 75s are “responsible in 82% of cases of fatal accidents” according to Road Safety.

To remedy this, the European Commission could establish the passage of a compulsory and regular examination for drivers over 70 wishing to keep their license.

The permit for seniors would be limited in time

According to Auto Plus, the project, which is still in the planning stage, would limit the validity of the license for the elderly and its renewal would be conditional on a favorable medical opinion. “When they expire, they will have to pass a medical examination, and / or refresher courses in the Highway Code” specify our colleagues. But how long would the license for seniors be valid for? It is only once these formalities have been completed that senior drivers could “get back on the road for another five years”, according to Auto Plus. The editorial staff of the magazine specializing in the automobile reports the first disagreements within the European Union as to the entry into force of such a procedure. She suggests that Belgium would be opposed to it, while France has not given its opinion “for the moment”.

Today, a driver holds his license for life, provided he respects the Highway Code. But obtaining it remains difficult and expensive, the UFC that Choisir estimates that it will cost an average of 1,804 euros in 2023, where certain online driving school companies such as Ornikar and By car Simone are slashing prices by promising results for half the price. The pass rate for the B license is slightly up in 2023 and stands at 59.03% pass all presentations combined.

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