Senior Official Revisits European Commission At Alma Mater

On May 9, 2023, the Sainte-Marie la Grand’Grange high school (Loire) had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Latriche, a former student of the establishment and now a senior official at the European Commission in Brussels.

On the occasion of Europe Day and within the framework of the “Back to school” programme, Mr Latriche, head of the unit in charge of general coordination and interinstitutional relations at the European Commission, s is aimed at an audience made up of students from 1st and Terminale specializing in History-Geography, Geopolitics and Political Science (HGGSP) and Economics and Social Sciences (SES).

The first part was devoted to his career as a student, then professionally.

“Today the diploma is not everything. What recruiters are looking for are skills, method, capacity for work and analysis, critical thinking, experience and people who are fluent in foreign languages and speaking. »

A second part was dedicated to presentations and exchanges around the European Commission. Mr. Jourjon (professor in History-Geography) had in particular instructed 7 groups from 1st HGGSP to present different branches of the European Commission. Beautiful presentations allowed the whole assembly to better understand the role of each in the development and implementation of European Union policies.

These two hours of intervention, rich in advice, exchanges, sharing of experiences, fascinated the students, and allowed them to access a better understanding of the European system.

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