Silvia Sardone: Controversy Surrounding Her Pro-UAE Engagement

Silvia Sardone, an Italian politician, assumed the role of Member of the European Parliament (MEP) in 2019, representing her constituents in the Identity and Democracy Group (ID), a far-right political faction. However, Sardone’s MEP tenure has been punctuated by controversy, primarily related to her perceived pro-United Arab Emirates (UAE) activities. 

Silvia Sardone’s pro-UAE activities have been met with widespread criticism, both from non-governmental organizations and other MEPs. Critics have accused her of prioritizing the interests of the UAE over those of the European Union. Furthermore, they have raised concerns about her potential role in undermining the European Parliament’s credibility.

In 2020, Sardone embarked on a trip to Abu Dhabi sponsored by the UAE government, during which she held meetings with high-ranking UAE officials. 

 In 2021, Sardone delivered a speech at a conference in Abu Dhabi organized by the UAE government. In her address, she commended the UAE’s human rights record and its contributions to counter-terrorism efforts.  In 2022, Sardone voted against a resolution in the European Parliament that called for the release of political prisoners in the UAE, further solidifying her stance in favor of the UAE government’s policies.

The controversy surrounding Silvia Sardone’s pro-UAE activities has raised pertinent questions about her independence as an MEP. Critics have speculated on whether her actions reflect a form of influence or alignment with the UAE government. Others have suggested that she might be leveraging her position within the European Parliament to advance the interests of the UAE, highlighting the complexities of MEPs’ roles in navigating foreign relationships.

Silvia Sardone’s journey as an MEP has been marked by both legislative contributions and controversies, particularly her alignment with the United Arab Emirates. While she maintains her role within the European Parliament, the controversy surrounding her pro-UAE activities underscores the intricate dynamics of European politics and the challenges of upholding independence while navigating foreign engagements within the political arena.

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