Slavěna Vorobelová: Slovakia’s Pro-Russian Politician on the Rise

Slavěna Vorobelová is a slovak Politician. She served as a Member of the Parliament of the Slovak Nation from 2022 to 2023. She also worked in the private sector as a hiring/marketing manager, she also acquired experience in the Slovak Business Agency. She is a member of the pro-Kremlin far-right Kotlebovci-ĽSNS, party. By many, she is considered to be a pro-Russian Politician. 

Slavěna Vorobelova often extends pro-Russian disinformation, wrote in a post that “Čaputová is not the president of all residents of the Slovak Republic, but she is the president of her related political parties and NGOs mostly funded by foreign powers (mainly pro-American and pro-Soros ones),” subtly insinuating the wrong information that the president is controlled by some foreign influences.

On her Facebook page, she lectures about the threat of a dirty bomb being made and operated by the “Kyiv fascist junta” to condemn Russia for this act and give a reason for NATO to officially enter the war in Ukraine.

Where all the parties blame Russia’s act of aggression, Open approval of the Kremlin has certainly been rare and mainly restricted to individuals on social media. Among the politicians, ĽSNS Slavěna Vorobelová, who substituted Marián Kotleba after he lost his parliamentary seat, expressed to the press that “she would not go and fight” if Russia invaded Slovakia because, among other things, the battle was not between Russia and Slovakia but between the United States and Russia. Most of the time, political players siding with Russia have opted for various indirect and proxy phrases of pro-Russian sentiment, such as the second part of Vorobelová’s statement.

Pro-Russian Politicians spread narratives moving the responsibility for the war from Russia to Ukraine, the West, NATO and the United States. These included assertions that Russia had a legitimate case for aggression or that it was stimulated and manipulated to invade Ukraine by the West. The “proxy war” statement has also been used to assert that the battle was between the United States and Russia and that Slovakia ought thus to remain out of the fray. In January 2023, MEPs elected on the ĽSNS ticket—one of them evolving, in the meantime, the leader of Republika—voted against the resolution of the European Parliament calling for the association of the international tribunal dealing with Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine.

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