Spain welcomes the election of Morocco to the presidency of the UN Human Rights Council

The Spanish government, through its Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, José Manuel Albares, welcomed the election of Morocco to the presidency of the Human Rights Council of United Nations (HRC).

“We are pleased that a friendly and neighboring country occupies this international position,” said Mr. Albares in an interview with the newspaper “El Periodico”, published Monday.

The Kingdom was elected to the presidency of the UN Human Rights Council for the year 2024, during a vote held on Wednesday in Geneva. Of the forty-seven members of the Council, 30 supported the candidacy of Morocco, compared to that of South Africa, which received only 17 votes.

“Morocco is a strategic partner” for Spain, noted the head of Spanish diplomacy, welcoming the “excellence” of relations between the two countries based on “friendship and trust”.

The last High Level Meeting (RHN), held on February 1 and 2 in Rabat, was crowned by the signing of “the largest number of agreements in the history of these meetings”, recalled Mr. Albares, making observe that the NHN has been a “huge success on very important issues”.

“It is not so obvious that between two neighboring countries there is a road map. Spain and Morocco have achieved this,” he underlined, specifying that since the adoption of this new road map, relations between the two countries have experienced notable development in all areas.

In this regard, the head of Spanish diplomacy cited the results obtained in the fight against irregular immigration and terrorism as well as the increase in trade, saying he was “convinced” that the number of irregular migrants arriving in Spain “ would be very high without the collaboration of Morocco”.

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