Sub-Prefect’s Move: Bellac to Puy-de-Dôme

Several dozen representatives of the State, civil society, various elected officials… were present in the gardens of the sub-prefecture to greet the departure of Pascale Rodrigo.
They are going to leave Haute-Vienne. Fabienne Balussou, the prefect, who joins the Ministry of the Interior in Paris, and Pascale Rodrigo, the sub-prefect of the arrondissement of Bellac, who has been appointed to the same position in Riom, in Puy-de-Dôme. And, during the departure ceremony of the latter, both had a hard time hiding their emotion and their shared consideration.

Fabienne Balussou was full of praise for the one who the next day took the road to Auvergne: “We are losing a remarkable, attentive, conscientious and invested sub-prefect, whom the services of the State, the elected officials and the citizens of Haute-Vienne will sincerely regret. to the management of major departmental files that you have followed on my behalf.”

“Essential Links”

She underlined the role of the sub-prefectures and sub-prefects, “essential links in the action of the State in the territories”, which play a “crucial role in maintaining public order and security”, which “provide valuable support to the municipalities, to the inter-municipalities”.

The prefect highlighted the involvement of Pascale Rodrigo in 2022 at the height of the Ukrainian crisis: “Under my aegis, with great availability and with humanism, you ensured the good organization of the relationship with the territorial administrations of the State, the OFII and the CAF (…). Your district thus welcomed in a personalized way more than 100 people out of the 495 welcomed in Haute-Vienne. ” With more than sixty trips to municipalities, which can be compared to a real marathon, Pascale Rodrigo reminded her speaker of the image of the Sub-prefect in the fields of Alphonse Daudet. Passion, commitment, professionalism, rigor and diplomacy, benevolence, openness… So many qualities that Fabienne Balussou did not fail to highlight in her speech.

Referring almost with humor to her health problems, Pascale Rodrigo, very moved, returned to the particularities of this territory in the north of Haute-Vienne “full of assets which make it possible to engage in structuring projects”, citing different examples.

“The page is turning for me, but it continues to be written for the borough and I want to communicate to you my confidence in its future: firstly because the elected officials are committed to their territories, then because since 2018, a movement of return of inhabitants from urban areas to rural areas is taking shape.

And to conclude: “Having lived, lived, consumed, shared, exchanged for a little over two years in Bellac, I will keep an eye on the borough.”

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