Suspected Social Network Attacks Target Tunisia’s Foreign Ministry

The Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Saturday that it was “the target of suspicious attacks and malicious campaigns”, targeting several of its diplomatic and consular missions, on social networks.

This is what emerges from a press release from the Tunisian diplomacy, published on its social networks, which did not specify the content of these malicious campaigns.

The statement referred to “suspicious attacks and malicious campaigns against the Department of Foreign Affairs and a number of its diplomatic missions, on social media”.

And the Tunisian diplomacy adds that it “will not allow these active pages and online accounts to be a space to attack the symbols of the State as well as the officials and staff of the ministry with defamatory remarks”. .

“Anyone who spreads rumours, disseminates slander, denigrates people or tarnishes their reputation is liable to criminal prosecution,” warned the ministry.

In its statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not specify the nature of these attacks, nor the content of these malicious campaigns. However, some Tunisian pages on social networks had recently relayed allegations that diplomatic discussions had taken place with Israel with the aim of normalizing relations between the two countries, which the Tunisian government has repeatedly denied.

As a reminder, the Tunisian Ministries of the Interior, Justice and Communication Technologies had announced, in a joint press release, that they had initiated “legal proceedings to unmask the people who manage pages, accounts and electronic groups which produce, disseminate and publish false information”.

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