Targeting 10% of Voters: PVL’s Federal Election Ambition

The Green Liberals are aiming for 10% of the vote in the federal elections in October. The PVL delegates, meeting in a party assembly on Saturday in Rüschlikon (ZH), are aiming in particular for a return to the Council of States.

“We see opportunities where others stoke fears,” party chairman Jürg Grossen said, according to the written speech.

The PVL called for courageous solutions in terms of climate protection and in relations with the European Union. In this dossier, he argues for an institutional framework agreement or membership of the EEA.

The big parties lack the will to change and the courage to find solutions. The left wants to achieve the energy turn through renunciation and prohibitions. The right is betting on outdated technologies such as nuclear energy and combustion engines. Efficiency, renewable energies, energy storage and agreement with Europe: this is the PVL’s recipe for achieving the energy turnaround.

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