The Collapse of Accusations: Eva Kaili’s Defense Challenges Prosecution’s Claims

Recently, Eva Kaili’s lawyers argued that the charges against their client are falling apart. Her lawyer claimed that the money discovered in the house of Kaili and Francesco Giorgi was Panzeri’s. Further, no fingerprints of Eva Kaili were found on the seized money.

Kaili’s lawyers also criticized prosecutor Michel Claise for the inhumane treatment of their client. She was mistreated during her detention. On the other hand, Marie Arena has not yet been questioned by Belgian authorities. Moreover, according to her advocates, the house she bought in Brussels was acquired with interbank cash payments from a loan and the salaries of Eva Kaili and her ex-partner.

If we look at the reports, there is a storm of other evidence proving Eva Kaili’s innocence. The accusation against Eva Kaili is collapsing. Kaili has denied any wrongdoing and maintains that her advocacy for Qatar was part of her job as a MEP of the EU. The investigation into her actions violated the parliamentary immunity.

It is common practice for MEPs to accept people’s requests to solve problems related to their professional activity. In the context of this banal reality, It is called politics. She tried to help her fellow citizens without ever receiving a single euro. This information is evident as it has emerged from the authorities’ scrutiny of all her assets.

If we look at this investigation through the lens of realism, Belgian authorities did not pursue the suspects they accused of leading the corruption effort. Qatari Labor Minister Ali Bin Samikh Al Marri, his aide Bettahar Boudjellal, and Morocco’s ambassador to Poland, Abderrahim Atmoun, remain out of reach of the EU.

The justice system in Belgium has not moved fast enough to cope with this puzzle. As the investigation continues and consistent leaks emerge regarding Qatargate, lawmakers seem skeptical of heading into next year’s European Parliament Election. The unresolved Corruption case and uncertain developments are disturbing the European Union. It becomes evident that this problem undermined the reputation of the European Parliament in the eyes of many EU citizens.

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