The European Commission Reveals The Outlines Of Its “Cybersecurity Shield”

On Tuesday April 18, the European executive presented the main lines of its proposal for a regulation on cybersolidarity. Among the measures listed is the creation of a European cybershield, responsible for detecting and countering possible threats.

“Ensure that all European citizens and businesses are well protected, both online and offline, and promote an open, safe and stable cyberspace”. This is the ambitious objective set by the European Commission with its proposal for a regulation on cybersolidarity, presented on Tuesday 18 April.

Main element of the text, a “European cybershield” could thus see the light of day. In its press release, the European executive defines it as “a pan-European infrastructure made up of national and cross-border security operations centers (SOCs) across the Union”. These centers would be responsible for detecting and countering cyber threats, using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence or advanced data analysis.

Response to Cyber Threats

The regulation also provides for the creation of an emergency response mechanism in the field of cybersecurity. Concretely, this will support several preparedness measures, “in particular the subjection of entities active in highly critical sectors (health care, transport, energy, etc.) to tests in order to detect possible vulnerabilities”. Or the creation of an EU cybersecurity reserve made up of several thousand stakeholders, public and private providers. “At the request of Member States, [this] will help competent authorities to react to significant or large-scale cybersecurity incidents and to recover immediately from these incidents”, specifies the Commission.

With a budget of 1.1 billion euros, two-thirds funded by the program for a digital Europe, the device could be ready in early 2024.

Cybersecurity Skills

The European Commission also presented on Tuesday the outlines of its cybersecurity skills academy, as part of the European Year of Skills. This new entity “will bring together various existing initiatives aimed at promoting cybersecurity skills and make them available on an online platform, which will increase their visibility and increase the number of qualified cybersecurity professionals in the Union” , specifies the institution.

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