The outcome of the war in Ukraine could be decided very soon

“Resisting is winning,” Borrell said. He stressed that the EU’s “civil, military, economic and humanitarian aid” to Kiev exceeds that of the United States, but that if the EU wants “Ukraine to resist”, it “must provide more ‘help and faster’.

Europe must “wake up”

Europe has realized that it lives in a dangerous world, underlined the head of European diplomacy. It must now “wake up”, take its responsibilities, increase its defense capabilities and prepare for “any eventuality”.

Joseph Borel added that European countries are not involved in the war in Ukraine and “do not fully understand” what it means for them. “Russia is an undemocratic regime capable of exterminating its opponents, like Navalny, or eliminating defectors on European soil. Do we want it to appear at the gates of Europe and control 36% of the world cereal market?” asked the head of European diplomatic services rhetorically.

The diplomat said he was frightened by European fears that the US military umbrella on the continent could close if Donald Trump wins the US presidential election. “We are an aging continent in a new world, hence this mix of fear and insecurity,” Borrell said.

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