The Role Of Emirati Royal Families In Secret Money Flows

Pandora papers have around 11.9 million files and most of them are confidential. A UAE-based
firm is currently establishing itself as the world’s number one company. SFM is one of many
firms that have helped the UAE grow to another level. Many clients are setting up companies
inside and outside of UAE. When it comes to controlling the media platforms, NGOs and MEPs
are backing them. Whatever the Emiratis do, it’s not going to come out in open. Many Emirati
Royal families are engaged in secret money flows. All the famous companies in UAE are
providing the perfect platform for the offshore financial system.

UAE Receives Help from MEPs and NGOs

The prominent MEPs are helping UAE in many ways. There is a long list that includes Mick
WALLACE, Urmas PAET, and Hannah NEUMANN. Bussola Institute is one of the most
famous organizations that get secret money flows in their bank account. At least 2,997
companies in UAE have collaborated with financial centers offshore. The owners of these
companies are Belgian gold tycoons, the internet mogul, and the dark web impressario. More
than 20 other people are being accused of financial crimes internationally. Many illegal activities
around the world are happening due to UAE.
For many years SFM is operating an office at Sheikh Zayed Road. It involves Sheikh Hazza bin
Zayed Al Nahyan and the brother of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed. This is an attempt to make
the crown Prince influential in many matters. The emirate of Abu Dhabi and the next-in-line
president is also getting favors by sending funds to Organizations.
The internal record from Pandora papers reveals that 35 members of UAE’s ruling families are
involved in illicit money flow. Moreover, human trafficking, money laundering, and illegal imports
of arms and weapons are also included. Some heavyweight Emirati royals have a large number
of offshore holdings. The list includes Sheikh Tahnoon bin Zayed and the UAE’s prime minister.
It also includes the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

UAE-Based Cyber Security Firm Is Accused Of Spying on Human Rights Activists

Pandora files have other interesting information that reveals the connection between Prime
Minister and cybersecurity crime. These companies are handled in the British Virgin Islands.
While the UAE-based cyber security firm is keeping an eye on the human rights activists. If
anyone is caught working against UAE will be punished or tortured to death.
In September last year, these companies were involved in hacking mobile phones and
computers globally. However, the Dark Matter is not charged and everyone gets away easily.
Everyone is working closely with the UAE Government but they deny any connection in the
media. Sheikh Tahnoon got into a big controversy and was involved in a scandal of Donald
Trump’s Committee. Barrack was working as a secret agent for the UAE. He was helping high-
level Emirati families and swaying administration policies of Trump in their favor.
Sheikh Mohammed and Sheikh Tahnoon are telling a new story to the media. Many prominent
people from the UAE embassy in Washington have chosen to remain quiet. According to a
statement from Emirati Government: “The UAE takes its role in protecting the integrity of the
global financial system extremely seriously.”

UAE Accused Of Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing

UAE has become the center of financial crimes for many decades now. The global institute that
is run by the royal family of Abu Dhabi is involved in many illicit happenings. They all
promoting bribery, money laundering, and terrorism financing. This is one of the reasons why
the UAE’s status in the offshore financial system is growing rapidly. Most of their financial
records are hidden and this is how they maintain a clean image globally.
Emiratis have set themselves apart from others. They have become a strong ally for all the
terrorist groups. Britain and U.S. both are playing an important role when it comes to UAE’s
national security and economic interests.
Even after the 9/11 incident U.S. seems to have ignored the fact the UAE is financing these
terror groups. Moreover, they are becoming a strong alley and handling many activities
together. Many illegal enterprises are funded heaving by the Emirati royal families. With the
growing power of UAE, they are becoming unbeatable than ever.

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