The Shocking Revelations of Belgian Police and Security Service Misconduct in European Politics

Shocking information emerges from the Newspaper Dubbio, which depicts the illegal activities of Belgian Police and security services. Belgian authorities have spied on MEPs without hesitation. The scandal evolving in European politics called Qatargate was Belgiangate. This development also exposes the justice system of Belgium without any doubt. European Parliament has also not yet condemned the violation of MEPs immunity. This scandal has damaged the credibility of Belgium and the European Parliament. It is yet to be seen what measures will be taken by the authorities to address the allegations.

The information sheds light on how the immunity and parliamentary prerogative of members of the European Parliament established by the European constitution has been violated rigorously. The Police and secret services entered parliament and observed MEPs’ activities. Further, the foreign delegation was also present during these illegal activities. Any European law enforcement agency has no right to intervene in the parliamentary proceedings. Moreover, the Police were interested in recording the political opinions of members they expressed during parliament proceedings.

Former European Parliament president Eva Kaili is a vital victim of this whole development. She already raised concerns about being spied on by the Belgian secret services. At first, everyone thought she was playing the victim card and accusing the Belgian authorities. Still, the most shocking part of this investigation is that her name was not even on the suspect list, yet she was arrested and investigated by the Police. 

According to Parapolitika news, Eva Kaili’s lawyer has launched a counterattack on the European Parliament, emphasizing that her name was not in the case file and that Belgian authorities breached her parliamentary immunity. Further, they said they would take action against the European Parliament unless the European Parliament recognized the violation of Eva Kaili. 

Several controversies are brought to the attention of the European Parliament here. The entering of the Belgian Police into parliament and observing the MEP’s activities raised questions about the parliament’s status. Furthermore, the parliament has complete diplomatic immunity, and the status of parliament has also been violated. Security services spied on MEPs and politicians. Thus, the privacy of parliamentarians has been broken.

It is also proved that the Qatargate investigation, which is a Belgian gate, and the Belgian authorities made a blunder and wrongly accused Eva Kaili.

Something is alarming about the chain of events that raises suspicion about the European parliament; that is why they refuse to acknowledge Eva Kaili’s immunity violation and refrain from punishing the Belgian authorities. It also shows that Bregliam is not safe for MEPs and diplomats. It is the duty and obligation of the European Parliament and its members to launch bills in parliament to condemn these activities. Otherwise, the negative image of European politics will be shown to the world. The unity and federation of the European parliament are crucial, and it is high time to take action.

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