Top Pre-School 2023 Websites: Bookmark and Share!

August is already well under way. Summer vacation isn’t over yet, but you may be starting to think about your next school year and the challenges ahead. Whatever your experience in the teaching profession, it is not always easy to find resource and training sites to guide you. What if we gave you a helping hand?

CanoTech is the go-to site for teacher training. Webinars, feedback, teacher advice, expert interviews, practical tools, Réseau Canopé’s online training platform is all of these. Scalable and free, CanoTech is enriched each week with themes and content to better meet your expectations and needs. The latest theme to date: Class outside.
What are the micro-gestures to acquire and put in place within the class to establish its posture of authority? How to support the most struggling students in mathematics? How to recognize the signs of stress likely to affect your professional practices? So many questions, and more, that find answers on CanoTech.

A single site: Extra class. “Podcasts that give voice to you, to you, who make the school live and evolve”, such is indeed the promise of Extra class. On the program: nearly 180 podcasts, real sources of inspiration for the educational community. You can also access podcasts through playlists: teaching in kindergarten, fighting bullying, teaching outside, etc. From today, subscribe, listen and share. The latest titles: Head of school, profession-passion, Birth of a vocation?, The European Union by bike, The teacher and the committed volunteers and, every Wednesday, a new podcast to listen to.

M@gistère, the must have in terms of self-study. More than 100 interactive courses and tutorials, on themes chosen in line with your immediate training needs, await you. They are designed for primary and secondary school teachers and focus on essential concepts. Social networks: How to approach them with your students?, The carbon impact of my school, a project to build in ESD, Water management, a lever for ESD or In math, words also count! are the titles of our latest courses to discover on M@gistère.

First steps in the teaching profession, the site that accompanies your beginnings… and more! Advice, tips, training, videos, it is full of very practical resources to give you all the first keys to teaching. How to invest the function of teacher? How to organize and prepare your class? How to design and conduct its educational sessions? What tools are preferred for effective classroom management? Beginner teacher in kindergarten, elementary school, college, general and technological high school or vocational high school, this site is to know!

Praised by many teachers, these free sites will soon become your best allies! To add urgently to your favorites. And, this list is not exhaustive, do not hesitate to come and discover other sites, resources or training on

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