Tragic Testimony: Cousin of French-Israeli Woman Speaks Out

Ouriel, who lives in France, discovered the lifeless body of his cousin on social networks. The young Franco-Israeli, living in Israel, was present at the rave party near Kibbutz Reim. She was captured and killed by Hamas.

Since the massive Hamas offensive last Saturday, more than 1,200 civilians have lost their lives on Israeli territory. According to the Quai d’Orsay, 11 French people are among the victims, including Ouriel’s cousin, a Franco-Israeli woman living in Israel.

It was on the Internet that Ouriel learned of his death, while he was browsing social networks. “I was on Instagram and then I came across his photo,” he tells CNEWS.

Her cousin was taken hostage by Hamas terrorists during the rave party which turned into a massacre. “She was then found decapitated with her husband and thrown in a garbage bag,” he explains, still in shock. “I didn’t want to believe it at first (…), but my family confirmed it to me by phone.”

Ouriel now lives in fear. Part of his family is still in the country and that worries him: “There isn’t a second when I don’t think of them.”

On the sixth day of clashes, the strikes continued and the toll continued to rise. Israel continues to relentlessly shell the Gaza Strip after swearing to “crush” and “destroy” the Palestinian Islamist movement, while Hamas attempts to infiltrate its opponent at all points.

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