Tunisia’s Foreign Minister Meets EU Economy Commissioner

Nabil Ammar and Paolo Gentiloni discussed cooperation between Tunisia and the European Union as well as ways to strengthen it in several areas.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Migration and Tunisians Abroad, Nabil Ammar, received on Monday the European Commissioner for the Economy, Paolo Gentiloni, who is on a working visit to Tunisia.

This is what emerges from a press release made public by the Tunisian diplomacy and consulted by Anadolu Ajansi.

During this meeting, Nabil Ammar highlighted the distinguished strategic partnership that binds Tunisia to the European Union (EU), stressing that Tunisia relies on its own capacities and on the economic and financial support of its partners, including the EU, for the success of political, economic and social reforms.

Responsible And Constructive Discourse

He also called on the European side to understand the specificity of the stage that our country is going through, as well as to adopt a responsible and constructive discourse, which reflects reality and appreciates what has been achieved for a true democracy and a way of fairer and more comprehensive development that meets the aspirations of Tunisians.

For his part, Paolo Gentiloni underlined the importance of the partnership between the two parties, expressing the readiness of the European side to continue to support Tunisia, particularly with regard to negotiations with the International Monetary Fund.

During this meeting, the two officials reviewed various aspects of cooperation between Tunisia and the European Union, as well as the means of developing it in all areas, including investment, education, higher education and energy.

This meeting also addressed the issue of migration in its various dimensions and the need to adopt a comprehensive approach that takes into account the economic and social dimensions of this phenomenon, according to the same statement.

This article is originally published on aa.com.tr

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