Turkey’s Global Construction Aspirations: Hakan Fidan’s Vision

As the Republic of Turkey prepares to celebrate its 100th anniversary, Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan said on Monday that the country’s goal is to be one of the contributors to building the global system.

“Our vision is to make Turkey one of the players in building the system in the ‘Century of Turkey’. We will achieve this great goal by planning and shaping change,” said Turkish Foreign Minister in a speech Monday to Turkish ambassadors posted abroad and in the country.

“We will work with other countries to establish an effective and inclusive international system that embraces humanity, eradicates global injustices, tackles economic inequality and engenders peace, security, stability and prosperity,” he said. Mr. Fidan in front of his collaborators.

Aware that major changes require strategic patience and strong will, Turkey will proceed in “modest but steady” steps, the Turkish MFA said.

“In implementing these measures, we will act in accordance with four fundamental strategic objectives: “To establish peace and security in our region, to establish our foreign relations on a structural basis, to develop an environment of prosperity and to advance our objectives. worldwide,” commented Mr. Fidan.

“Terrorist groups are the biggest threat to security”

“The greatest threat to security, peace and stability in the region of Turkey is posed by terrorist organizations and other proxy groups,” the minister said.

“Whether their name is FETO, PKK / YPG, or Daesh, with all our institutions concerned, we will not allow terrorist organizations and the forces that support them to be born and develop in our country and in our region, insisted Mr. Fidan, before continuing: “We will not leave them any space, we will make sure to suffocate them so that they can no longer breathe”.

To this end, the Head of Turkish Diplomacy indicated that his country will continue to fight terrorists by strengthening its military, intelligence and technological capacities on its territory, while ensuring effective cooperation with its friends abroad.

Türkiye – European Union (EU) relations

Minister Fidan also spoke about the relations between Turkey and the European Union: “In the new period, it is important to approach Turkey-EU relations with a visionary perspective and to revitalize the process from the perspective of full membership. On the basis of our President’s call for the relaunch of Turkey’s EU accession process, we underline once again that a European Union without Turkey cannot be a true global player.”

“We also expect NATO to be equally attentive to the security threats and concerns facing all its members,” the Minister announced, before adding: “In this context, we reiterate our call certain NATO countries to immediately end their open and covert cooperation with the PKK in Syria and Iraq”.

Finally, regarding the relations with the Greek neighbor, Mr. Hakan Fidan, stressing that the current positive atmosphere offers an excellent opportunity to find a solution to the contentious issues ended his peroration with these words:

“We are sincere in this regard. We hope that the Greek side will show the same sincerity. On the other hand, our position on Cyprus, our national cause, is clear. The registration of sovereign equality and international status equality of Turkish Cypriots is our basic policy”.

This article is originally published on trtfrancais.com

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