UAE: A Top Choice For European Leaders

The European decision-makers and though leaders are under the influence of the UAE. Things
may not be obvious to the outer world. However, UAE’s soft power is turning everything in its
favor. All the strategies are highlighted as the success factor for UAE. Even though they are
abusing human rights nothing is coming to light.
All the major NGOs are handling the activities with the funds coming in from the Gulf. Whether it
is the short-stay visa waiver agreement or the grey area of lobbying, everything favors UAE.
Everything is happening largely due to illegal means and cunning ideas from the MEPs. All the
illegal financial transactions, tax havens, and bank accounts are operating secretly.

UAE’s Biggest Lobby In Brussels Bears Fruitful Results

In the summer of 2021, UAE formed very strong ties in Brussels. The lobbying efforts are finally
becoming fruitful as the EU is under their control. Željana ZOVKO and David CASA are
operating NGOs with financial help from UAE. The launch of the soft power strategy in 2017 has
turned the tables for everyone. All the UAE officials can maintain an edge over their rivals. It is
observed that the influence and scale of impact of the UAE are not going to go down anytime
soon. EU institutions are coming up with a wider ‘Brussels Bubble’. While the national European
Governments are keeping aside the needs of their citizens.
Plenty of investigations are going on to find the truth behind UAE’s lobbying effort. However, all
seems to go in vain. Authorities are trying to look for documents and financial transactions, but
no reports are to be found. EU releases policies regularly but there are no traces of illegal funds
or documents. Some sources may have agreed to speak about the real matter. Even then, the
political strategies are aligned between the official of the EU and UAE. This reveals that the
UAE’s lobbying with European institutions is sensitive.

Inadequate Transparency Rules From the EU

EU is making inadequate transparency rules to hide the real facts of lobbying. Most of the
lobbying activities are handled actively through fake NGOs and consultancies. They are taking
advantage of the fact that the activities of the lobby are not registered anywhere. Even foreign
agents and clients are not ready to disclose secret contracts. Traian BĂSESCU and Luliu
WINKLER are prominent MEPs working intensively for the UAE interests.
Many policy centers, institutes, and other platforms are relying heavily on funding. They make it
look like a donation but in reality, it is illegal money. EU Transparency register doesn’t have any
registered data of these transactions either. They fail to reveal who the real donors are, but it is
UAE. Authorities are trying to figure out the links between foreign Governments and the EU.  
Many experts are failing to prove the extent of the UAE’s influence over the EU’s policies. In this
modern world, UAE is recognized throughout the world. It is a successful country and boasts a
good economy. They don’t give human rights to foreigners and the public alike. All this is
happening according to their plans, ideas, and strategies.

The Speed Of UAE’s Ascent Is Astonishing

Everyone is wondering what could be the reason for the rising status of the UAE globally. It is
still a young state but they are emerging as someone very huge. They have established a state
with neighbors Iran and Saudi Arabia. It helps them have an upper hand over their rivals. Zayed

bin Sultan Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi and Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum of Dubai are
setting up great strategies. They have joined hands with the EU and are bringing everything in
their favor. Whether it is the revenue to diversify the economy or strong lobbying efforts, they
handle it all.
They have become the first ever nation to host the FIFA world cup. These political
developments are taking place only due to their alignment with the EU’s power. As the growth of
the UAE increases, they are becoming more assertive when it comes to foreign policies. They
are trying to build up a reputation as a modern and progressive country. It seems that the dark
side of the UAE is not going to come out anytime soon.

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