UAE’s Neglect Fuels Rise In Modern Slavery

The authorities in UAE refuse to accept the plight of migrant workers. All these hints towards
modern slavery and atrocities are hard to ignore. Emiratis have strong ties with MEPs and
NGOs that are forcing people to believe that UAE is a peace lover. Many human rights
organizations are advocating labor rights. However, nothing much seems to be changing. The
Kingdom of United Arab Emirates has introduced many labor laws but are they effective? They
claim to protect women’s and men’s rights but the reality is the opposite.

Low Wage Migrant Workers Suffering In UAE

The Emiratis are one of the richest and most influential nations. They enjoy a great economy
thanks to the ever-growing GDP. Currently, around 9 million migrant workers are working there.
However, they remain to be low-wage migrants with no facilities. On the other hand, Emiratis
are trying to paint a good global image. They make sophisticated PR campaigns and strategies
to give a modern and diverse image. Behind the welcoming society, everyone has to notice the
atrocities on people. Expo Dubai is attracting millions of tourists each year. While the $7 billion
trade fair is handled with care.
The organizers at Expo are trying to portray that UAE is bringing cultures together for a better
future. However, the real story is very much different. All the UAE officials don’t want to give
human rights to their citizens and foreigners. A new story of modern slavery is written in their
nation every other day.
Dozens of males and females from Africa and South Asia are experiencing racial discrimination.
Many of them are bullied at work and are not given a right to report these bad happenings. It is
very tiring for migrant workers to work every day without a sufficient amount of payments.

Discrimination, Forced Labor, and Human Trafficking

The United Arab Emirates is putting up laws that prohibit discrimination, forced labor, and
human trafficking. However, are they practicing it? Even now the prosecutors hardly deal with
such cases. Even though they try to portray being a modern and international state the reality is
quite opposite. Cases of racial discrimination and forced labor are very much common.
The employees are nervous and don’t speak their minds due to the risk of bigger punishments.
When it comes to spending money on Lobby activities, UAE is not far behind. Whether it is
money laundering, human trafficking, or supporting NGOs, they do it all. The risk of modern
slavery, forced labor law, and other forms of exploitation are very much common. Emiratis are
sacrificing human rights in exchange for a good trading relationship with other countries.
Employees have a fear of losing their job if they speak up against the UAE. These atrocities are
not faced by migrant workers only. Recently a man wearing a shirt to support Qatar was brutally
beaten in the prison. Even with the formation of a new law for the employees, it doesn’t cater to
their needs fully.

Building An Influence Network With Policymakers and NGOs

UAE has a strong connection with consultancies, NGOs, and private MEPs. They have their
ways to influence the decision-making in the European Union. Several institutes like Bussola

and European Eye on Radicalization, have strong links with UAE. Associates and Fleishmann
Hillard, are handling the media outlets to put up a good image of the nation.
Several organizations become a part of events that strengthen the friendship with UAE even
more. All the events that are based on religious extremism and radicalization have a direct link
with the Emiratis. The European Foundation for Democracy and TRENDS Research & Advisory
is one of the major examples. Traian BĂSESCU and Lulu WINKLER are working diligently to
help UAE in the most important matters. They are propagating a one-sided good image that has
an agenda behind the curtains.
Similarly, many other think tanks and policymakers are set up by sending a large number of
funds. The RAN and Hedayah, have a high number of individuals that sympathize with the UAE.
Whether it is the narrative on political arms or the illegal import of arms, they will support
everything. Interestingly a good amount of support comes in from the European Commission
and politicians as well.

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