UN: History, Missions & Recruitment

The United Nations was established by 51 States at the end of the Second World War to replace the League of Nations. Since July 14, 2011, the international institution has 193 member states. A look back at the history, missions and recruitment of the UN.

The history of the United Nations is placed on peacekeeping

The League of Nations was founded on June 28, 1919 with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles: its purpose was to preserve peace. It was active between 1919 and 1939, but its credibility was tested by the Second World War. To overcome this failure, and in order to institutionalize a new space for international dialogue, the American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt wants the creation of a new organization.

The term “United Nations” appeared during the Second World War. It was used for the first time in the United Nations Declaration of January 1, 1942, a text by which the representatives of 26 countries pledged to continue the war together against the Axis powers.

It was then suggested by the President of the United States, as part of the creation of an organization to maintain international peace and security. The United Nations (UN) was established on October 24, 1945 following the ratification of the Charter by the 50 future Member States.

The provisional headquarters of the United Nations was located in London and the General Assembly and the Security Council met there for the first time in January 1946. On January 9, 1951, the United Nations headquarters in New York was inaugurated. Since 2012 and the accession of South Sudan, the UN has 193 member states. On July 6, 2021, the General Assembly appointed Portuguese António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations for a second term from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2026.

The action and missions of the United Nations are divided into five main areas

Historically, the United Nations Organization brings together States to prevent armed conflict and protect themselves from the violence of the First and Second World Wars which “twice in the space of a human lifetime inflicted on humanity unspeakable suffering. Currently, the missions of the United Nations Organization cover five main areas:

Maintaining international peace and security: One of the missions of the UN is to maintain international peace and security by deploying peacekeeping operations in regions of conflict and facilitating peace negotiations between parties concerned. Its objective is to prevent conflicts, disarm armed groups and protect vulnerable civilians.
Protection of human rights: The UN is responsible for protecting human rights by combating discrimination, modern slavery, torture and other forms of abuse. The organization adopts conventions and resolutions to promote social justice and guarantee respect for fundamental rights throughout the world.
Providing humanitarian aid: One of the missions of the UN is to provide humanitarian aid in times of crisis and disaster. The organization is mobilizing resources and teams on the ground to ensure the distribution of food, drinking water, medical care and emergency shelter to affected populations.
Promoting sustainable development: The United Nations promotes sustainable development by actively working to achieve the goals of the 2030 Agenda.
The guarantee of international law: The last field of action of the UN is to guarantee the respect and the promotion of international law. The organization works to resolve conflicts and prevent violations of international law, while encouraging cooperation among member states for the peaceful resolution of disputes and international justice.

Recruitment within the UN, a unique chance to participate in solving global problems

The United Nations has a “UN Carrers” Twitter account, solely for talent recruitment. This is surely the best way to be informed of vacant jobs, forums and round tables, opening dates for internship applications…

A student intending to pursue a career in diplomacy or public authorities can begin their career by completing an internship at the UN, it is even an ideal starting point. In particular, it is possible to carry out an internship lasting between two and six months in the United States, Switzerland, Austria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Thailand, Lebanon, Chile or others… It is imperative to speak English or French and offers are available on the career section of the UN website.

In conclusion, since its creation in 1945, the United Nations (UN) has established itself as a major actor in the maintenance of peace, the promotion of international cooperation and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Its history and its missions are absolutely rich, which pushes the Organization to recruit many talents around the world.

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