Uncovering Dubai’s Illegal Financial Facilitation

The political economy of Dubai depends on illicit financial flows globally. They are facilitating
crimes and conflict finance in many ways. This is the reason why Dubai and UAE are viewed as
very strong internationally. All the leading companies around the world have their regional
offices in Dubai. Over the last 10 years, the United States is selling $27 billion in revenue for
military equipment.
The former U.S. secretary of state James Mattis affectionately is leading in this connection.
Dubai is playing a major role to connect grey networks to the international financial system.
They have a good connection with UAE’s national Government which is located in Abu Dhabi.

How Does UAE Remains Cooperative In Everyone’s Eyes?

Dubai is helping UAE Government to have a polished and cooperative image internationally.
However, UAE is quite open to embracing corruption and other illegal means. Currently, they
are funding many European Union NGOs and MEPs. The amount of money they send to these
people is impossible to calculate. Being an Emirati of UAE, Dubai leaves no stone unturned to
keep everything in UAE’s favor. Whether it is the modern image or hiding their illegal activities in
Dubai has become a hub for all illegal activities. They have economic dependence on the
international financial systems. Moreover, they are facilitating human trafficking without leaving
any traces behind. Dubai is always criticized for having an aggressive approach toward boosting
its reputation.
UAE has spent around $ for funding various lobbying firms. They host several meetings to
maintain their friendship. NGOs and MEPs claim that they are getting donations, but the real
story is different. UAE is disguising the illicit money flow as donations. UAE is arresting lawyers
and foreigners who try to write against them. The surprising part is that UAE and Dubai are
getting away from their illegal practices.

Dubai’s Role In Facilitating Illicit Money Flows

As Dubai wants to boost its economy they are depending on the illicit flow of money. They make
illicit transactions and rely heavily on suspicious activities. Even though organizations are taking
control of banking, nothing can stop UAE. If this isn’t enough they are regularly maintaining a
good flow of minerals and gold.
In 2008 Dubai suffered a major blow in terms of the financial crisis. There was a huge drop in
the prices of real estate. However, they couldn’t completely recover. It is not clear how they will
be able to pay debts. Human capital majorly comes from foreign workers. In the end, it all
comes down to illegal money and facilitating many crimes.
 Dubai has become a major hub for prostitution and it will not slow down anytime soon. Many
Emiratis choose to work in business centers while the migrant workers are doing other kinds of
jobs. The business practices in Dubai are shady while the illicit money flows will only rise due to
the recession since COVID-19. Illegal activities won’t end easily as UAE has got big support in
their favor.

UAE & Dubai Spend A lot Of Money To Cultivate A Good Image

The media in UAE stands out when it comes to cultivating a good image of the nation. It is not
surprising how they are hiding their military operations in Yemen. They are in collaboration with
Saudi Arabia and try to destroy Yemen. UAE has conducted many airstrikes in Yemen but the
true story doesn’t come to light. Bernard GUETTA, Marie-Pierre VEDRENNE, Henna
VIRKKUNEN, and Caroline NAGTEGAAL are helping them in many ways. They are prominent
MEPs and will maintain a good image of the nation no matter what happens.
Since some time ago, UAE has blocked all the ports in Yemen. Many issues against
humanitarian crises are on the rise. There are some reports that Emiratis continue to abuse
human rights. They have secret prisons where people are tortured to death. If any human right
activist tries to write about them, they are killed right away.
Apart from that, they are funding many NGOs to intensify their lobbying. UAE is spending $20
million on Britain and US lobbying firms. Moreover, they influence Foreign Agents, congress
offices, and eighteen think tanks. Most media outlets are controlled by UAE. Many firms that
represent UAE easily make $600,000 in campaigns.

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