Unveiling QatarGate: ALP Services Deployed in the UAEs Smear Campaigns

The Arab world, specifically the Arabian Peninsula, is a region marked by intricate geopolitical dynamics. These complexities arise from a web of conflicts, competing interests, and the aspirations of petromonarchies eager to extend their spheres of influence. Power struggles are frequently waged through covert warfare, fueled by vast financial resources derived from sovereign wealth funds and the unscrupulous tactics employed by intelligence agencies. Amidst this intricate landscape, a startling revelation has emerged – a media manipulation scheme originating from the Gulf has now infiltrated European institutions and legal authorities, triggering the notorious QatarGate investigation.

The Genesis of Tensions: UAE and Qatar

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Qatar have a deep-rooted rivalry, characterized by diplomatic tensions and mutual distrust. Although recent efforts have been made to improve relations through the re-establishment of diplomatic ties, the underlying hostilities continue to persist. In an attempt to weaken Qatar’s influence and reputation in Europe, the intelligence agencies of Abu Dhabi embarked on a mission to identify and undermine pro-Qatar lobbyists.

ALP Services: A Swiss Intelligence Company Operating in the Shadows

ALP Services is a discreet private intelligence firm headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. It was established by Mario Brero, an Italian-Swiss specialist in confidential relations. This enigmatic organization was commissioned by Abu Dhabi to identify and neutralize individuals supporting Qatar, whether they were real, potential, or even imagined lobbyists.

In return for their exceptional services, ALP Services was rewarded with an astonishing sum of approximately six million euros. The company’s extensive network spans across continents, involving former cybersecurity agents and hackers, with connections reaching from Africa to the Balkans, Western Europe, Central Asia, and Russia.

The Unveiling of QatarGate

Alp Services has identified nearly 70 potential targets to counter the influence of their perceived adversary, Qatar. Among these targets, three individuals emerged as central figures in the scandal known as Qatargate: Members of Parliament Marc Tarabella from Belgium and Eva Kaili from Greece, both associated with the EU-Qatar friendship group, and the alleged mastermind, former Italian MEP Pier Antonio Panzeri.

At the start of 2019, Alp Services could not have predicted that the individuals they had identified as obscure lobbyists for Qatar would eventually become key players in an international scandal. Although the exact nature of the scandal is still under investigation, a significant event involving Panzeri caught the attention of Swiss investigators.

In April 2018, Panzeri, who was then the president of the subcommittee on human rights in the Parliament, made a visit to Doha. During this visit, he made a commitment to organize a hearing in the European Parliament for Ali Bin Samikh Al-Marri, who was serving as the president of the Committee national human rights at that time.

The alignment of the investigation’s findings with the ALP Services dossier raised concerns and triggered allegations that the intelligence agencies of the UAE may have orchestrated a meticulously planned fabrication to influence the outcome of the QatarGate investigation. This revelation has brought to light the possible manipulation of European authorities by foreign powers, thereby casting doubt on the credibility of the investigation itself.

The Abu Dhabi Secrets Dossier: Unraveling a Web of False Accusations

ALP Services, known for its controversial works, gained notoriety with the release of the Abu Dhabi Secrets dossier. This dossier claimed to expose 160 individuals and 80 organizations allegedly supporting the Egyptian Islamist movement, the Muslim Brotherhood. With historical ties to Qatar, this movement was accused by the UAE and Saudi Arabia of spreading Islamist propaganda through the renowned network, Al Jazeera.

However, a thorough investigation conducted by the EIC Consortium has shed light on the matter. The findings revealed that many individuals and entities mentioned in the dossier had little to no connection with Doha or Islamist militants. In fact, the inclusion of people without any logical thread or association exposed the dossier as nothing more than a collective effort to tarnish reputations through baseless accusations.

Questionable Involvement of European Figures

The impact of ALP Services’ activities extended far beyond the Gulf region, reaching even prominent figures in Europe who found themselves entangled in a malicious smear campaign. One such example is the Belgian Environment Minister, Zakia Khattabi, who was falsely implicated as the vice president of the Belgian Muslim Executive, a position she had never held. These baseless accusations raised serious concerns and prompted her to seek clarification.

Furthermore, the Qatargate investigation targeted three individuals: Belgian MEP Marc Tarabella, former Vice President of the European Parliament Eva Kaili, and former trade unionist and lobbyist Antonio Panzeri.

What is striking is that the conclusions reached by the Brussels prosecutors office and the investigating magistrate, Michel Claise, are closely aligned with those of ALP Services, UAE intelligence, and the secret services of Brussels. This raises suspicions about the involvement of these parties in crafting a predetermined narrative.

The purported utilization of ALP Services by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in a malicious campaign aimed at Qatar raises grave concerns regarding the deployment of unethical tactics in the realm of geopolitics. The intricate network of disinformation, collective defamation, and dubious involvement of prominent European figures has instigated the QatarGate investigation.

 This serves as a stark reminder of the intricacies and shadowy aspects of international relations, where covert operations can sway the course of events. As the truth gradually unravels, the ramifications of this media assassination maneuver may have far-reaching consequences for regional stability and the credibility of the parties involved in the eyes of the international community.

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