US Diplomacy Condemns I. Ben Gvir’s Racism

The racist remarks of the Israeli minister Itamar Ben Gvir, leader of the Jewish Force supremacist party and minister responsible for the police, were castigated by the US State Department. “This is a racist statement and these messages do a lot of harm, especially when they come from leaders,” said the spokesperson for American diplomacy.

It’s a short phrase, in the context of a television interview, which is eliciting reactions from all over the world, from supermodel Bella Hadid to the State Department in Washington. Israel pursues a policy of apartheid in the Palestinian territories it occupies. there is no doubt. The proof is that I. Ben Gvir, far-right minister, does it again by attacking the Palestinians. “My right, that of my wife and my children, to circulate on the roads of the West Bank, is more important than the free movement of Arabs. It is reality ! It’s the truth ! “Sorry, but my right to life takes precedence over their right to move,” he even added.

This is a fatal blow to Israeli diplomatic efforts, underline anonymous political sources in Tel Aviv, quoted by the media. Especially since the government has not condemned the words of the sinister I. Ben Gvir. The latter also refuses to retract himself, but affirms however that his remarks were taken out of context.

Tension remains high between Tel Aviv and Washington, the main support of the Israeli entity. Israeli media reported that War Minister Yoav Gallant was prevented from meeting his American counterparts during his trip to the United States.

Channel 12 reported that “Galant traveled to the United States and was forced to meet with Israeli officials instead of Americans, during one of the most sensitive security times Israel has seen. What happened is incredible. On his website, it also reads that “Netanyahu is continuing with his plan that no minister will meet with senior US officials until he has been invited to Washington.” And to add that “This position of Netanyahu undermines the security of Israel, so one cannot help but wonder: is national security still a top priority for Netanyahu? Regardless, the article assures that “there is fear in Israel as to whether Tel Aviv will receive the same generous support and aid.”

Israeli media reported that Y. Gallant traveled early Thursday morning to the United States of America, at a time when no invitation had been sent to B. Netanyahu. Israeli site Yedioth Ahronoth pointed out that “Gallant would travel to the United States without meeting any US official due to Netanyahu’s ban.” “The reason,” according to the newspaper, “is that Netanyahu does not allow business meetings of ministers in Washington until he has been invited.”

“The central purpose of the visit,” according to the Israeli media, “is to participate in a donation ceremony “for the welfare of the regular and reserve soldiers of the Israeli army.”

B. Netanyahu previously reportedly said that the question of not traveling to Washington should be put to US President Joe Biden, stressing that this does not prevent close contacts and cooperation between the two countries.

In an interview with The Jerusalem Post, B. Netanyahu claimed that “there are points on which Tel Aviv and Washington differ.”

Joe Biden said in March that he had no plans to invite B. Netanyahu to the White House in the near future, and then expressed concern over the court amendments, the protests that engulfed the streets of occupied Palestine and the violent incidents that took place.

B. Netanyahu countered by saying that “Israel makes its decisions according to the will of its settlers, and not based on outside pressure, including that of our best friends.”

I. Ben Gvir had earlier said that Americans “must understand that Israel is an independent country, not another star in the American flag.”

The Israeli and American media have spoken of the deterioration of relations between Washington and Tel Aviv in recent times. Foreign Policy even indicated that “the relationship between Washington and Israel no longer makes sense”.

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