War in Ukraine: Donald Trump evokes a peace plan if he is re-elected, Vladimir Putin would be ready to follow it

While the conflict in Ukraine still mobilizes European diplomacy, the crisis could be resolved thanks to the future president of the United States. Donald Trump made it one of his campaign promises. If he is elected next November, Donald Trump has indicated that he has a secret plan to immediately end the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, “in less than 24 hours,” according to him. The editorial offices of the Washington Post and Slate revealed the avenues of Donald Trump’s plan.

According to American media reports, Donald Trump proposed putting pressure on Ukraine to force kyiv to give up the Crimean peninsula and the western border region of Donbass.

Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian leader, does not intend to cede any part of his territory to Russia.

Donald Trump’s motivations for ending the war in Ukraine are linked to the financial burden of the cost of the war and the funds transmitted to kyiv as part of the war effort.

Vladimir Putin would be ready to follow Donald Trump’s peace plan.

“Mr. Trump, as a presidential candidate, says he is ready and willing to stop the war in Ukraine. We take all of this very seriously. Of course, I don’t know his possible proposals on how he wants to do this. And, of course, that is a key question. But I have no doubt that he means this sincerely. And we will support this,” Vladimir Putin confided during a press conference in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Vladimir Putin indicated that he was opposed to any ceasefire in Ukraine if kyiv did not make “permanent” concessions for Russia, particularly on the territorial level.

This article is originally published on atlantico.fr

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