Watermelon Alert: Insecticide Traces from Morocco

After a notification from Spain on July 14, through the Rasff system, the European Commission alerted on traces, above the regulatory limit, of methomyl in watermelons from Morocco. Methomyl is an insecticide often used against various insects to protect a wide variety of crops such as fruits, cereals or vegetables.

A “serious” level of risk

The European Union has classified the level of risk as “serious” because this substance can be very toxic to humans with serious consequences in some cases. For the moment, the European Commission has indicated that no action has been taken in response to this discovery.

Spanish consumer NGO Facua says in a statement that methomyl can cause symptoms of intoxication such as “headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, excessive sweating, tremors and blurred vision” and that mixing it with alcohol “may have an impact on the nervous system”.

This article is originally published on ladepeche.fr

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