What will Israel do after the attack by Iran?

After weeks of threats, Iran openly attacked Israel on Saturday by launching an attack of hundreds of ballistic missiles and drones. The new front raises fears of an escalation of conflicts in the Middle East.

Listen to the analysis of Jean-François Lépine and the details of Fabrice de Pierrebourg, Monday morning, at the microphone of Paul Arcand, as well as the consequences of this attack which was largely countered by the Israeli defense system in collaboration with several international players.

Internal reactions in Iran, including protests against government actions, are mentioned, as well as the implications for Gaza, where tensions persist despite calls for humanitarian aid.

Note that the Israeli war cabinet meets again Monday morning to determine its response to the Iranian attack. Tehran, for its part, said that Western countries should appreciate its restraint towards Israel in recent months, instead of making accusations.

For his part, the head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell described the situation in the Middle East as being on the brink of a ravine and said he hoped that Israel’s response to Iran’s attack would not lead to an escalation.

This article is originally published on 985fm.ca

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