Alice Weidel: AfD’s Pro-Kremlin Voice in German Politics

Alice Weidel is a German politician. She has been performing as co-chairwoman of the far-right Alternative for Germany party since June 2022. Since October 2017, she has carried the position of head of the AfD parliamentary group in the Bundestag. It is no secret that AfD has tilted towards Russia. Based on her political career Weidel is also regarded as a pro-Kremlin Politician. In March 2021, AfD leader Alice Weidel travelled to Russia with a mission to “finally terminate the sanctions.”

She often defended her party’s perspective toward Russia, rejecting allegations that AfD politicians are too cosy with the Kremlin. “It is simply essential to me that a very balanced view of things is not complicated with an alleged closeness to Russian President Vladimir Putin” she expressed. 

She is also one of those politicians who refused to attend the German parliament session in which the Ukrainian president was invited. Volodymyr Zelenskyy was invited to address the German parliament physically for the first time, in 2022 he addressed virtually.  Most legislators of the far-right AfD and the new left-conservative BSW party boycotted Zelensky’s address.  “We refuse to listen to a speaker in a camouflage suit,” AfD parliamentary group leader Alice Weidel expressed in a statement, referring to Zelenskyy’s usual dress of military fatigues. Ukraine requires “a peace president who is willing to bargain so that the dying stops and the country has a future,” she added.

In October, the AfD’s co-chair, Alice Weidel, argued that the “main loser” of the conflict was “neither Russia nor Ukraine but Germany,” which she anointed the victim of an “economic war.” In the same interview, she criticised the West for “reflexively supporting Ukraine’s maximalist needs,” denied any form of German involvement, and insisted the government focus on reinstating the supply of Russian natural gas to protect Germany’s economy: “What that indicates for Ukraine […] for a partition, that is not our problem.” 

Moreover, Alice Weidel has blamed the German government for making the country a party to the confrontation in Ukraine. “It is not enough to [say] ‘No’ to Taurus [long-range cruise missiles’ deliveries]. Germany is behaving as a warring party,” she expressed addressing the Bundestag.

Weidel pointed out that Germany is engaged in “an economic war against Russia,” sending weapons to Kyiv and delivering substantial financial aid to Ukrainian authorities. “Instead of revving the escalation by stoking bellicose hysteria and shipping weapons, German politics should go back to doing what it does best. That is, doing its best to act <…> as a mediator and kick-starting the negotiation process,” Weidel spoke.

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