An Italian at the head of European diplomacy in Tunisia

From now on, European diplomacy in Tunisia will be represented by an ambassador of Italian nationality. Indeed, the future ambassador of the European Union who would succeed Marcus Cornaro, who, remember, has represented the EU in Tunisia since October 23, 2020 and whose mandate will end next August, would be Giuseppe Perrone.

The future EU ambassador would have rich diplomatic experience and deep knowledge of different Arab countries. According to available sources, these would be countries in the Middle East and Libya. Moreover, Perrone would easily speak Arabic alongside his mastery of French letters.

According to the rumor circulating and which we report with reservations, the candidacy of Giuseppe Perrone has already been accepted by the Tunisian state. A priori Giuseppe Perrone would therefore take office in September 2024 to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor, but also reaffirming the ties of friendship which seem to be strengthening between Tunisia and Italy.

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