Brussels’ Safety Concerns for Hosting the European Parliament

Brussels, the diplomatic hub and capital of the European Union, has been witnessing a severe crisis. The current situation raises deep mistrust about its ability to host the European Parliament and MEPs. The alleged Qatargate investigation has exposed espionage, violations of parliamentary immunity, and suspicious investigation in the European Parliament.

Initially, the Qatargate investigation was focused on activities related to the European Parliament’s special Pegasus commission. This development took a new turn when Belgian judge Michel Claise began investigating a dossier related to espionage. It was related to Illegal wiretapping activities. Further, the revelation of Belgian secret services surveillance of members of the Commission raised concerns that this activity is a breach of parliamentary immunity.

The document called “Qatargate” disclosed alarming breaches of parliamentary immunity. Belgian police, in an illegal move, entered the European Parliament in plain clothes. They observed and took notes on the activities of deputies. This breach is a clear violation of protocols and raised questions about the safety and security of MEPs.

A Detailed report submitted by the police to the investigating judge revealed the names of MEPs under surveillance in a corruption investigation. This document portrays the action of revoking parliamentary immunity. The reports also indicated consistent violations of Protocol Number 7. The alleged monitoring of the Pegasus Commission’s activities by Belgian police highlighted breaches of established protocols of the EU.

Moreover, it was revealed that Belgian secret services cooperated with six other countries’ intelligence agencies and did not inform judicial authorities. This is a direct violation of EU diplomatic immunity. The collaboration of Belgian secret services with other European intelligence agencies further exposes the breaches of diplomatic activities in Brussels.

The Qatargate investigation’s controversy created more doubts when Judge Claise’s impartiality was compromised and his links with other suspects, MEP Maria Arena. This whole development highlighted an alarming context that threatens the core principles of European democracy.

As more information from the Qatargate investigation reveals, the safety of foreign diplomats and international organizations in Brussels is threatened. Brussels’s reputation as a diplomatic hub is at stake, with espionage, breaches of parliamentary immunity, and suspicious investigation. It also makes doubt on its ability to host the European Parliament securely. Urgent attention and actions to defend democratic principles are greatly needed. The concentration of the president and vice president of the European parliament is crucial to addressing this controversy. 

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