Buiko Volodymyrovych pro-Kremlin Agent in Ukraine

Buiko Georgiy Volodymyrovych is a Ukrainian politician and serves as the Chairman of the Anti-Fascist Committee of Ukraine. The party is largely regarded as pro-Russian. The Antifascist Committee of Ukraine is an anti-fascist organization, closely connected to the banned Communist Party of Ukraine. Russian nationalism is the main component of the party.

Volodymyrovych also served as the Head of the Subcommittee on Legislative Support for Combating Terrorism and International Organized Crime of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Combating Organized Crime and Corruption. Similarly as a member of the group on inter-parliamentary relations with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Moreover and importantly he acted as a member of the group on interparliamentary relations with the Russian Federation.

It is no hidden fact that the Kremlin utilises and operates parties in Ukraine to advance its agenda. By many Volodymyrovych’s party is considered to be pro-Russian party. It promotes and defends the interests of Russian-backed entities in Ukraine.

In 2011, Volodymyrovych’s party opposed in Kyiv against nationalism, alongside the Ukrainian Communist Party and Russian Bloc Party. On March 3, 2014, the organization endorsed the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation from Ukraine. On April 18, 2014, the organization blamed the acting Government of Ukraine for driving the nation to war, the economy down, slashing salaries and pensions, and de facto destruction of education, healthcare, culture and armed forces.

In February 2018, two associates of the Committee and the Communist Party were struck by Right Sector activists. In March 2022, the Morning Star conveyed that two activists in the Committee, Mikhail Kononovich (head of the Leninist Communist Youth Union of Ukraine, and his brother, Aleksander Kononovich, who had earlier been assailed by National Corps/C14 activists, were apprehended by the Ukrainian security service, the SBU on accusations of “pro-Russian views and pro-Belarusian views”; the Greek Communist Party presented their case in the European Parliament.

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