Dark Shadows Over Europe: How the UAEs Smear Campaign Targeted European Muslims

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has recently launched an extensive and insidious smear campaign, targeting more than a thousand individuals and hundreds of organizations. These malicious efforts falsely associate them with the Muslim Brotherhood, tarnishing their reputations.

Moreover, the UAE has cunningly devised a highly effective plan to defame European politicians and officials, accusing them of supporting Qatar. This manipulative scheme, now infamously known as the Qatargate scandal, has reverberated throughout the international community, leaving everyone in shock.

The Emirati government, through the Swiss company Alp Services, orchestrated this campaign, employing various tactics such as press campaigns, social media manipulation, and even tampering with Wikipedia pages. The consequences of these actions have been long-lasting and devastating for those targeted.

The QatarGate Scandal Unfolds

As part of the UAE’s smear campaign strategy, Alp Services has identified potential targets, including politicians, to discredit and counter Qatar’s influence. Notably, several prominent European politicians have become targets of this campaign, namely MPs Marc Tarabella from Belgium and Eva Kaili from Greece. Consequently, Belgian prosecutors have accused them in connection with the Qatargate scandal.

Additionally, the list compiled by Alp Services also includes former Italian MEP Pier Antonio Panzeri, who is allegedly linked to a corruption pact. The striking alignment between the investigation’s findings and Alp Services’ dossier has raised suspicions and led to allegations that the UAE’s intelligence agencies might have orchestrated a well-scripted scheme to manipulate the outcome of the Qatargate investigation.

Consequences and International Response to the QatarGate Scandal

The repercussions of the QatarGate scandal have been substantial. European institutions, prosecutors, and the international community have all demanded accountability and transparency in investigating the UAE’s involvement in this orchestrated campaign.

Ethical concerns have been raised regarding the utilization of smear tactics and the potential implications they may have on diplomatic relations and regional stability. The fallout from this scandal has prompted widespread calls for a thorough examination of the UAE’s role, ensuring that those responsible are held to account.

Mennel Ibtissem – A Ruined Music Career

Mennel Ibtissem, a highly skilled singer of French-Syrian origin, found herself at the center of a relentless smear campaign orchestrated by the UAE. This distressing ordeal unfolded during her participation in the French edition of the popular TV talent show, The Voice.

 The campaign, primarily conducted through social media, viciously attacked Ibtissem’s choice to wear a hijab and resurfaced old tweets in an attempt to tarnish her reputation. Regrettably, these malicious tactics ultimately forced her to withdraw from the show. Despite her sincere denouncement of the controversial tweets and her unwavering love for France, the damage had already been done, inflicting a severe blow to her flourishing career.

The UAE’s relentless smear campaign took a significant toll on her mental well-being, pushing her to the brink of abandoning her passion for music altogether. What makes this situation even more alarming is the fact that Ibtissem’s name was discovered on a target list compiled by Alp Services, despite her complete lack of any political or religious affiliations.

Hazim Nada – Financial Ruin

Hazim Nada, the visionary behind Lord Energy, a Swiss-based oil trading company, had no affiliations with politics or the Muslim Brotherhood. However, due to his father’s association with the group, he found himself ensnared in a malicious smear campaign.

The actions taken by the UAE had dire consequences for Nada and his company. Lord Energy’s bank accounts were abruptly closed, plunging them into a state of financial devastation. Struggling to secure funds for shipments and facing a loss of support from banks, the company eventually succumbed to bankruptcy in 2019. To compound matters, the United States publicly accused Youssef’s bank of financing Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, further exacerbating Nada’s already dire situation. These false allegations left him financially ruined, plagued by panic attacks and insomnia.

Islamic Relief Worldwide – Forced Resignations

The UK-based charity, Islamic Relief Worldwide, was also targeted by a smear campaign orchestrated by the UAE. Alp Services, led by Mario Brero, devised a strategy to tarnish the reputation of this humanitarian organization by falsely linking it to the Muslim Brotherhood and violent extremists. Heshmat Khalifa, a member of the board of trustees, became a prime target of this malicious campaign. Although the allegations did not hold any truth, Brero resorted to digging up old antisemitic posts by Khalifa, which ultimately led to his resignation.

The consequences of these baseless accusations were severe, as the charity faced investigations from British, Swedish, and German authorities, and banks even threatened to halt fund transfers to crisis zones worldwide. This had a detrimental impact on millions of vulnerable individuals who relied on the support provided by the charity.

The smear campaign orchestrated by the UAE, through the means of Alp Services, had a profound and far-reaching effect on individuals and organizations falsely associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. Careers were shattered, businesses were destroyed, and resignations were forced upon innocent victims. The scars left by this campaign are deep and long-lasting, prompting us to reflect on the concepts of justice and accountability in our increasingly interconnected world.

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