Effective Lobbying Strategies: Bussola Institute’s Expertise

The Bussola Institute is a new think-tank that is well-equipped for playing the right lobbying role
for the Gulf. It is located right around the corner from the European Commission. This non-profit
organization is dwelling well by taking a large amount of money from UAE. They do not respond
to anything about the sources of their funds openly. Moreover, they don’t openly talk about
handling lobbying activities for the Gulf.
According to a few reports Honorary Advisory Board members are receiving separate money
and gifts from Emiratis. Bussola can influence a wide range of networking possibilities through
its connection with higher political authorities. Former Spanish Prime Minister José María
Aznar and the other Board Members are part of this group.

Prominent MEPs Helping UAE In Various Endeavors

The former Secretary-General of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen and former Irish
President Mary McAleese are on UAE’s side. To top off this list former EU Commissioner Anna
Diamantopoulou is influencing decisions in the favor of UAE. The mission statement of
Bussola Institute is working as a world-class research institute. They work diligently to forge a
multi-cultural relationship between Gulf and European Union.
Some prominent figures from UAE are establishing a strong hold over these people. They offer
funds to these members for maintaining and pursuing Emirati goals or objectives. Bussola is
connected with powerful political figures. This gives them a chance to influence and take up
large networking possibilities.
The Institute appears to be very genuine and serious when it comes to lobbying and
communications. All these reflect the national policy adjectives going in favor of the UAE. They
must publish policy documents that bring UAE to good light. Plenty of events are hosted in
Brussels that creates a perfect opportunity to gel influential politicians and officials together.

No Financial Information Recorded For Bussola Institute

The Bussola institute works as a non-profit organization and was registered in 2017. They don’t
give any financial information in the EU’s transparency register. According to the register, their
annual lobbying budget is around €400,000. However, even the estimates go more than
€90,000. The reason is quite obvious as they are getting a huge amount of money from UAE.
However, the organization claims to be more genuine than ever.

Mick WALLACE and Urmas PAET are forming social, political, and economic reforms
according to Gulf’s requirements. Both Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the European
Union (EU) regions are working together and bearing good results.
Since the establishment of Bussola, they are funded by a large group of Emirati sponsors. They
know how to enhance the policy-making issues that connect both Gulf and the EU. Founder and
Chair of the Board of Directors Amal Al-Haddabi are dealing with Strategic studies and
Research. The research center is a partner with Cambridge University in the UK. Bussola is
working hard to maintain bilateral ties according to their mutual interest. EU and UAE are
appearing as two faces on the same coin. They are negotiating to keep up with the trade

Strategic Communication For Weapons

Angus Taverner happens to be an interesting staff member of Bussola. He is the director of
engagement and communication. Therefore, he takes care of many projects that involve risk
analysis and public perceptions. The international media trends are a little challenging to handle
but he can do it very well.
Whether it is a political, diplomatic, or economic issue in the Middle East, he supports them fully.
Moreover, he has planned military media support for the operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
This is why the UK policy is evolved into something new. Many military campaigns and
employments are conducted in UAE currently. Urmas PAET and Hannah NEUMANN are
maintaining a good image of UAE on social media.
UAE is smuggling a good amount of weapons and arms to strengthen itself over its rivals. The
EU-UAE Friendship group is raising many eyebrows. López-Istúriz is a prominent MEP who is
working as the chief lobbyist in UAE. He has a good relationship with Minister of State for
Foreign Affairs Anwar Mohammed Gargash. Lopez is actively boosting a good image for UAE
by launching an exhibition. His perfection and PR style is applauded by the officials in UAE.

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