Emirati Lobbying And EU Access: Influence Unveiled

UAE is the biggest investor when it comes to lobbying. The country has been making a lot of
efforts to improve its image all over the world. There is a lot of influence of the UAEs lobbying in
the European Union. UAE lobbying specialists have access to the European Union through
various networks of consultancies, strategic communication firms, and influential individuals.
The Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are also a part of the game played by the
United Arab Emirates. Everybody knows what is going on but nobody wants to see and talk
about it.

United Arab Emirates Has Made A Careful Strategy To Control The EU’s Decision Making 

There are several media platforms, policy centers, and think tanks that have sided with the
United Arab Emirates. This is a clear result of the lobbying UAE has been doing for several
years now. EU has been receiving millions of dollars of funds from the Emirates and as a result,
they are defending the country at every stage and event.
UAE has generated impact access to the European Union’s decision-making. They have made
a careful strategy and have joined hands with the policymakers and the diplomats of the EY.
The current EU staff and journalists are also not writing any negative content related to the UAE
as they all have been paid. Nobody is allowed to talk about what is happening under the cover.
Most of them don’t want to see and almost no one is ready to talk about it. Revealing the UAE
lobbying openly is not easy as it remains opaque and hidden. There is a lack of accountability
and formal registration protocols are missing to prove the lobbying.

Emirates Is Portrayed As A Tolerant And Progressive Nation 

Various organizations and MEPs portray UAE as a tolerant nation and an ideal strategic ally to
the EU in the Middle East. The successful lobbying of the UAE has helped the country to gain
access to the EU. This has resulted in benefiting the country in many ways. In recent times the
short-stay visa liberalization agreement was signed between the two countries.
We can also see the ever-closer ties between UAE authorities and European heads. The harsh
reality of the Emirati lobby is yet to be revealed but nobody is ready to share the facts. It is fair
to say that the Emirati government is one of the most repressive and authoritative governments
in the world. Journalists, political dissidents, and defenders of human rights are at constant risk.
The cases of the human rights defenders Ahmed Mansoor, Mohammed al-Roken and
Nasser Bin Ghaith demonstrate have left a strong effect on everyone who wants to fight for

UAE Using Traditional Forms Of Lobbying

The United Arab Emirates has been using more traditional forms of lobbying and has created
several “influence networks” to help them. They aim to influence the narrative within a few
circles of Brussels. They have also joined hands with many party leaders and organizations in
the EU to aid their lobbying activities. It has created a lot of tanks that are ready to take funds
and deliver them to the policy centers as well. Many discussion platforms and media platforms

are also under influence of the UAE lobbying. The founders of many media outlet members and
MEPs have a clear link with UAE officials and Emirati citizens.
Organizations like Bussola Institute and the Brussels Center for International Relations and
Human Rights (BIC), European Eye on Radicalization (EER) have received secret funding from
UAE. Despite clear links to the UAE establishment, these institutions have remained discreet
about the whole funding. They have been teaming up with private individuals and have become
a part of the Brussels bubble of think tanks.
Many experts in Europe are working on radicalization and religious extremism and are
promoting the UAE’s insight into Islamic Brotherhood. They have been portraying the UAE as a
peace-loving and tolerant nation. Many organizations are working with pro-UAE institutions, and
have employed pro-UAE experts to promote UAE in different sectors. The organizations often
hold Brussels- based events that are based on religious extremism and radicalization.

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