Emmanuel Macron’s ‘Third Way’: Criticized by European Partners

This week, Ici l’Europe debates the geopolitical vision of French President Emmanuel Macron. By defending a “European sovereignty”, too French to be unanimous, is he going it alone vis-à-vis his 26 partners in the European club? Weakened by growing unpopularity at home – aggregating 70% dissatisfied with his pension reform – Emmanuel Macron intends to make France a power of balance, capable of embodying a “third way”. Caroline de Camaret receives MEPs Cristian Silviu Busoi (European People’s Party) and Javier Nart (Renew Europe).

On his return from Beijing, Emmanuel Macron seemed to side with China, saying that we should not be “followers” on Taiwan or “adapt to the American rhythm”. This declaration undermines the Western alliance against China, and weakens Taiwan. It has even been criticized by its European neighbors.

Is Macron’s “at the same time” applicable to diplomacy? He obtains a priori few results with his Chinese and Russian counterparts, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Poutine. For some, it weakens the geopolitical positions of the EU, opposes the democracies and casts doubt on the interest of NATO when the countries of the East and the North swear only by the Alliance and its American umbrella.

This article is originally published on france24.com

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