Francesco Giorgi and his Involvement in Qatargate: A Tale of Corruption and Scandal

The arrest of Francesco Giorgi, a former parliamentary assistant at the European Parliament, on charges of corruption, sent shockwaves through the European political landscape. Giorgi, along with several other individuals, including Eva Kaili, a former vice president of the European Parliament, and Antonio Panzeri, a former MEP, was implicated in a high-profile scandal known as Qatargate..

Francesco Giorgi: Background and Career:

Francesco Giorgi, 35, hails from Abbiategrasso in the province of Milan, Italy. He holds a degree in Political Sciences from the University of Milan and embarked on a career as a parliamentary assistant in Brussels in 2009. Initially working under Antonio Panzeri, a former MEP, Giorgi later joined the office of Andrea Cozzolino, a member of the European Parliament. During his time in Brussels, Giorgi became romantically involved with Eva Kaili, a Greek MEP, and they have a small daughter together.

Involvement in Qatargate:

The Qatargate scandal revealed a complex web of corruption and influence peddling. According to Giorgi’s confessions to Belgian magistrates during interrogations, he admitted to managing the funds that were allegedly redistributed among representatives of the European Parliament, parliamentary assistants, and other influential figures within the Brussels institutions. Giorgi claimed that the cash originated from Morocco and Qatar and was used to influence votes and behavior within the European Parliament.

Giorgi’s Confessions and Accusations:

In his statements, Giorgi admitted to participating in the corrupt scheme for monetary gain, even though he claimed he did not require the money. Interestingly, he tried to absolve Eva Kaili of any direct involvement, stating that she was not the intended recipient of the funds discovered during the investigation. Notably, substantial amounts of cash, including 150,000 euros at Kaili’s home, 600,000 euros intercepted from her father-in-law, and 20,000 euros at Giorgi’s residence, were found.

Legal Proceedings and Consequences:

Following his arrest in December, Giorgi was immediately terminated from his position as a parliamentary assistant by the European Parliament. Since then, he has reportedly cooperated with Belgian authorities, providing crucial information about the alleged graft operation. Giorgi’s collaboration is believed to have shed light on how Qatar and Morocco purportedly sought to influence European policy-making through an organization in which he played a role.

The Aftermath and Future:

The revelations surrounding Francesco Giorgi’s involvement in Qatargate have had far-reaching implications. Eva Kaili, his partner, expressed a sense of betrayal and now finds herself indirectly implicated in the scandal. Giorgi’s fate remains uncertain as legal proceedings continue, and his cooperation may influence the severity of the consequences he will face. Meanwhile, the European Parliament strives to restore public confidence in the wake of these corruption allegations.

Francesco Giorgi’s life took an unexpected turn when he became entangled in the Qatargate scandal. As a former parliamentary assistant at the European Parliament, his alleged involvement in a cash-for-favors scheme has had significant ramifications. While investigations and legal proceedings are ongoing, the fallout from Qatargate serves as a reminder of the importance of transparency, integrity, and accountability in European politics.


Francesco Giorgi is Eva Kaili’s domestic partner and one of the suspected key players in the Qatargate Scandal.

He worked as an accredited parliamentary assistant to Pier Antonio Panzeri and Andrea Cozzolino.

He was arrested by the Belgian authorities on charges of corruption.

Giorgi was charged with corruption, money laundering and participating in a criminal organization.

Giorgi acted as translator for Panzeri, during meetings with Qatari officials that were intercepted by the Belgian police.

He has also tried to exonerate Kaili by accusing his former boss, Andrea Cozzolino of accepting cash through Panzeri’s management.

Francesco has confessed to being used by Qatar to influence European policy-making.

He is now under house arrest with the electronic bracelet.

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