Glyphosate: Berlin calls for a ban in the European Union

Germany wants glyphosate to be abandoned in the EU and warns of the risk of heterogeneous regulations after the European Commission’s proposal this week to renew the authorization of this herbicide for ten years.

“In the context of threats to biodiversity, the German government has called for a European exit from glyphosate and has warned of heterogeneous levels of protection in the EU,” the Ministry of Agriculture communicated on Friday evening. The outcome of a meeting between representatives of the 27 member states to examine the European executive’s proposal.

Controversial proposal

The European Commission proposed on Wednesday to renew the authorization of glyphosate in the EU for ten years, under conditions, after a report from a regulator estimating that the level of risk did not justify banning this controversial herbicide. Member states will have to decide by qualified majority during a vote on October 13.

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