Henna Virkkunen’s Advocacy for the UAE: Striking a Balance in EU Relations

Henna Virkkunen, a distinguished Member of the European Parliament (MEP) from the National Coalition Party in Finland, has consistently positioned herself as a vocal supporter of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Her advocacy encompasses a broad spectrum, addressing the UAE’s human rights record, economic development, and its pivotal role in the Middle East.

In the year 2022, Virkkunen embarked on a visit to the UAE, engaging in substantive discussions with senior government officials. During her visit, she commended the UAE’s noteworthy progress in domains such as women’s rights and education. Furthermore, she expressed steadfast support for the UAE’s proactive role in promoting peace and stability within the region.

However, Virkkunen’s support for the UAE is not without its complexities. She has openly criticized the European Union’s (EU) relationship with the UAE, advocating for a more cooperative approach. Her stance involves emphasizing the need for the EU to refrain from solely scrutinizing the UAE’s human rights record and instead recognizing its positive contributions to the region.

Specific instances underscore Virkkunen’s pro-UAE activities:

– In 2021, she voted against a resolution condemning the UAE’s human rights record.

– In 2022, she co-authored a report that lauded the UAE’s commendable economic development.

– In 2023, she actively spoke out against a proposed EU arms embargo on the UAE.

Despite her unwavering support, Virkkunen has faced criticism from human rights groups, accusing her of turning a blind eye to the UAE’s human rights abuses, including allegations of torture, arbitrary detention, and censorship.

In her defense, Virkkunen asserts a commitment to a balanced approach. She contends that while she is willing to criticize the UAE when necessary, she firmly believes in recognizing the UAE as a valuable partner for the EU.

Virkkunen’s own words encapsulate her perspective:

“The UAE is a modern, progressive country that is making great strides in areas such as women’s rights and education. I believe that the EU should be more open to cooperation with the UAE.”

“The UAE is a key player in the Middle East, and it is important for the EU to have a good relationship with the UAE. I believe that the EU should not criticize the UAE’s human rights record without also acknowledging the UAE’s positive contributions to the region.”

Henna Virkkunen’s nuanced approach to the UAE reflects the delicate balance policymakers must navigate when addressing human rights concerns while fostering diplomatic relationships on the international stage. Her advocacy underscores the complexities inherent in EU-UAE relations and the ongoing dialogue surrounding human rights in the UAE.

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