UAE’s Lobbying Influence In France: New Report

A recently released report revealed the UAE’s influence over France. Emirates has been
lobbying in the EU and has good control over the European Parliament. The country is
portraying itself as a composed and tolerant country. It has hired various think tanks,
organizations, and MEPs who are whitewashing the dark state of the Gulf countries. UAE’s
idealized image portrayed by some French members of Parliament indicate that something is

UAE Strengthening Its Position In France Through Lobbying 

The UAE wants to improve its image in the EU and wants to gain benefits by influencing the
EU’s decisions. Emirates has deployed various lobbying techniques to side European countries
with them. Their lobbying has become highly successful as they have influenced the courting of
French members of parliament recently. The country is focusing on the vilification of Qatar to
strengthen its position on the international stage.
The investigation, which was published by the French OrientXXI website, revealed:
“an idealized self-image coupled with a systematic vilification of Qatar, accused of supporting
the Muslim Brotherhood, supposedly a terrorist organization, the courting of French MPs … the
Emirates deploy a multifarious strategy to strengthen their position on the international scene.”

UAE Has Recruited Media Companies In France 

The UAE has recruited some media companies in France that are working in the favor of the
UAE. Some reputable NGOs like the French Branch of a British firm Project Associates,
Euronews, and think tanks like the Bussola Institute are helping UAE to achieve their goals.
It has also won several media and political figures. Senator Nathalie Goulet has also
expressed positive opinions about UAE in her recent debates. The country is using intense
lobbying as a weapon to win over various organizations and media outlets the country.
Abu Dhabi has incited against Muslim imams in France and claims that they are a part of the
terrorist organization. Among them is the Moroccan Imam Hassan Iquioussen. He is being after
getting accused of making anti-Semitic and misogynistic remarks.
The investigation stated, “in France and elsewhere, it [the UAE] never skimps on the use of
ways to promote its work, to appear in a positive light and deliver its geopolitical messages.”
“To appeal to its international audience, especially France, Abu Dhabi tried to convince them
that the Muslim Brotherhood constituted a danger,”
UAE is creating strategies that can lead to serious political danger. This was especially the case
when the country worked on besieging Qatar in 2017 while teaming up with Saudi Arabia,
Bahrain, and Egypt.
The report said that Abu Dhabi has worked with France and other European countries to create
a simplified ideological association: Qatar = Muslim Brotherhood = terrorism. This is how UAE
has led a “cognitive warfare” against political Islam. By siding with Europe in exposing the
Muslim extremists UAE is earning the favor of European officials.

France Has Signed An Energy Corporation Agreement With UAE

France recently signed a strategic energy cooperation agreement, with the United Arab
Emirates. This step was taken in hopes of securing their fuel and gas supplies. France is
moving towards attaining energy independence from Russia.
Paris has also sealed the crucial energy deal with UAE. The deal was signed during the first
overseas state visit of UAE President, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. This deal will
allow both countries to invest in hydrogen, renewable and nuclear energy.
“In the current uncertain energy context, this agreement will create a stable long-term
framework for this cooperation, pave the way for new industrial contracts and identify future joint
investment projects,” the statement added.
The agreement will hold dual strategic importance for France. The Economy Minister, Bruno le
Maire, seems happy to have struck this deal with the UAE. This deal would surely help France
to improve their economy and sustain their power but the close ties between the two countries
also indicate UAE lobbying.
Emirates has poured millions of dollars into the EU and has made an ally with France and other
countries in Europe. The recent deal made by the two countries will: “address the pressing
challenges of energy security in the short term while preparing for a low-carbon future.”

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