Lívia Járóka: MEP Advocating Stronger EU-UAE Relations

Lívia Járóka, a Hungarian politician and Member of the European Parliament (MEP) since 2004, holds membership in the European People’s Party (EPP), the largest political grouping within the European Parliament. Notably, Járóka has emerged as a staunch advocate for the United Arab Emirates (UAE), leveraging her position to promote closer ties between the EU and the UAE.

Járóka’s commitment to strengthening EU-UAE relations is evident in her multiple visits to the UAE and engagements with senior government officials. She has voiced support for the UAE’s pivotal role in the fight against terrorism and its remarkable economic development. Her lobbying efforts have spanned various areas, including trade and investment, where she has asserted the UAE’s reliability as a strategic partner for the EU, advocating for deeper collaboration.

However, Járóka’s pro-UAE stance has faced criticism from certain human rights groups. They argue that her advocacy may come at the expense of addressing human rights concerns within the UAE. In response, Járóka has defended her record, asserting that her primary objective is to advance peace and stability in the Middle East, suggesting a delicate balance between diplomatic relations and human rights considerations.

Beyond her work related to the UAE, Járóka is an active member of the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs and contributes to the delegation for relations with the United States, showcasing her broader engagement in international affairs.

Járóka’s support for the UAE is poised to persist in the years ahead. Given the UAE’s prominent position as a major economic and political player in the Middle East, coupled with the EU’s keen interest in deepening ties with the country, Járóka’s role as a member of the EPP, the European Parliament’s largest political party, provides her with a platform to champion the interests of the UAE and advocate for strengthened EU-UAE relations.

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