London March: Reintegration UK into EU

In London, a march for the reintegration of the United Kingdom into the European Union. On Saturday, thousands of Britons joined in a protest against Brexit. A march which had fewer crowds than in previous years, but which still brings together optimists about a return to the Union.

This is the second march organized, the “National March For Rejoin”, in favor of the reintegration of the United Kingdom into the European Union (EU). But seven years after the referendum which led to Brexit, there are regular marches to go back. Firstly because the consequences of the breakup are still being felt. “It’s getting to the point where it impacts our lives on all sides: emotionally, financially, economically, socially. We see the consequences and it’s really terrible,” said this protester.

“I miss EU”

The banners read “We want our star back”, “we want our star back”, or “I miss EU”, a play on words with “I miss you” – “I miss you”, in English. A woman reads her sign to us: “Keir Starmer says: ‘Let’s make Brexit work.’ And I translate: “Let’s make the lies, the poverty, the hatred, the failure work.” In short: “Let’s make what doesn’t work work”. »

Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labor party, confirmed it again yesterday: there is no question of him joining the EU. But is joining the Union even possible? “It’s not going to happen overnight. We will have to renegotiate of course, but I think we can do much better for the economy of this country. » Regardless, 70% of Britons think the government handled Brexit poorly.

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