MEPs Alerted to Potential Spying Threat from Alp Services

Brussels, 7-26-2023 – Shocking revelations have emerged about the clandestine operations of ALP Services, a Geneva-based company led by Mario Brero, which has been systematically cataloging innocent individuals as terrorists, leading to defamatory smear campaigns. Operating on behalf of the UAE’s secret services, ALP Services targeted over a thousand people throughout Europe, including civilians, Muslim organizations, and businessmen, falsely linking them to Islamist movements or baselessly accusing them of ties to Qatar. 

MEPs are being cautioned about the possibility of being subjected to surveillance by Alp Services. The European Investigative Collaborations (EIC) network, a coalition of European investigative journalists, has exposed that individuals from 18 different European countries were targeted for surveillance by Alp Services. This revelation raises concerns that MEPs could potentially be among the targets of Alp Services’ spying operations.

Guilt by Association: Innocent Lives Tarnished

ALP Services adopted a dangerous “guilt by association” approach, maliciously connecting unrelated figures to one another, causing severe reputational damage and potential harm to those wrongly implicated in their campaigns. The victims include innocent civilians, Muslim organizations, and businessmen, whose lives have been unjustly tarnished by ALP Services’ unfounded accusations.

Collusion with Influential Scholars

ALP Services expanded its contract with the UAE by collaborating with Italian-American scholar Lorenzo Vidino on the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe. Vidino’s research provided the foundation for ALP Services’ targeting of more than 50 individuals linked to suspected Islamists in Europe. Additionally, Vidino allegedly provided derogatory information to a British journalist about the Islamic Relief NGO in 2020 on behalf of ALP Services.

Influence on French Legislation and Financial Assets

Evidence reveals the UAE’s influence within France, employing an extensive network to shape discussions on legislation targeting radicalism and countering political Islam, including the Muslim Brotherhood. Furthermore, the UAE’s involvement in gathering information on the financial assets of French politicians has been uncovered. The strategic partnership between the UAE and France aims to advance Emirati interests, impacting critical areas such as defense and energy.

Lobbying within French Corridors of Power

The UAE’s “stubborn lobby” strategy has been unveiled, showcasing its efforts to influence influencers, opinion leaders, and decision-makers in France, to align perceptions with Emirati interests. Media outlets like Euronews and private research centers, such as the Bussola Institute, have been recruited to serve Emirati interests and enhance their image in France. The UAE has also attracted French politicians, including Senator Nathalie Goulet, to promote its agenda in combating terrorism financing.

UAE’s Meddling in German Affairs and Covert Engagements

The leaked database indicates the UAE’s suspected interference in various sectors of German society, including politics, media, and business. ALP Services covertly engaged with German politicians, shaping foreign policy and countering Qatar’s influence. Notably, ALP Services successfully established a covert communication channel with prominent Bundestag member Christoph de Vries, influencing his public call for the cessation of funding for Islamic Relief.

Unjust Targeting of Individuals & Journalists

ALP Services’ orchestrated campaigns have harmed individuals like Hazim Nada, Nicolas Blancho, and journalist Francisco Carrión, falsely defaming their characters and reputations. Furthermore, ALP Services targeted UN Human Rights Council actors investigating war crimes in Yemen, including Kamel Jendoubi and Ahmed Himmiche.

Covert Perception-Shifting Campaign against Islamic Relief Worldwide

Islamic Relief Worldwide, a prominent Muslim aid organization, became a prime target for ALP Services’ covert perception-shifting campaign. By strategically presenting negative information to media outlets and politicians, ALP Services aimed to alter the perception of IRW, despite its significant humanitarian contributions.

Protecting MEPs: Urgent Measures to Safeguard Privacy and Security Amidst Alp Services Spying Concerns

MEPs are being strongly encouraged to proactively safeguard their privacy and security in light of the potential threat posed by Alp Services. The Abu Dhabi Secrets investigation has shed light on Alp Services’ dubious practices and the UAE government’s efforts to tarnish the reputation of individuals and organizations. It is vital for MEPs to be fully aware of this situation and take immediate precautions to protect their personal and professional information from potential spying activities. Remaining vigilant and implementing necessary measures is crucial in ensuring their safety and preserving the integrity of their roles as elected representatives.

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