Milica Đurđević Stamenkovski: Serbia’s Anti-NATO, Pro-Russia Advocate

Milica Đurđević Stamenkovski is a Serbian politician. She co-established the far-right Serbian Party Oathkeepers (SSZ) in 2012 and is currently acting as its president. A Eurosceptic and anti-NATO party, it is in acceptance of developing closer ties with Russia and China. It is also objected to sanctioning Russia concerning the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Đurđević Stamenkovski stated in a 2013 interview that SSZ is in favour of supporting relations with Russia while resisting the accession of Serbia to the European Union.

SSZ has closely collaborated with United Russia, the ruling party of Russia, and has also acquired support from the far-right Alternative for Germany. Milica became a minister in the SNS government in 2024., after elections carried in 2023. She is considered a pro-Russian Politician. Members of SSZ, including Đurđević Stamenkovski, seated with Sergey Lavrov, the minister of foreign affairs of Russia, in 2016. In the same year, SSZ designated a connection with United Russia, the ruling party of Russia. A year later, its associates met with representatives of United Russia in Moscow. Since then, SSZ has maintained close relations with United Russia.

Đurđević Stamenkovski partook in the rally in support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and at the rally in backing of the Russian Federation on the occasion of the annexation of Crimea and the war in Donbas. In a May 2022 press conference, which only two journalists were attending, the party’s leader, Milica Djurdjevic-Stamenkovski, laid out her standing on Russia, expressing objection to sanctions and that any such decision must be put to a referendum.

SSZ revealed its participation in the 2022 general elections in February 2022; Đurđević Stamenkovski was introduced as its presidential candidate. It also partook in the Belgrade City Assembly election. During the campaign duration, SSZ has stated its opposition to presenting sanctions on Russia while Đurđević Stamenkovski condemned the European Union and NATO.

Djurdjevic-Stamenkovski came to public reputation in 2008, when she took a leading position in the violent protests that exploded after Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence from Serbia. She has been a mainstay of right-wing street politics in the country ever since, also taking a stake in demonstrations voicing support for Putin’s annexation of Crimea.

When Journalist asked Djurdjevic-Stamenkovski why there should be a referendum on the sanctions matter when the Serbian people just handed the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) a commanding ruling, she stated that “Serbian-Russian connections are a centuries-old constant in Serbian society.” “The issue of sanctions against the Russian Federation is far more specific, painful, and would have more drastic consequences for our country than some other state,” Djurdjevic-Stamenkovski stated. 

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