Parliamentary Immunity Eroded: MEP Giuliano Pisapia Exposes Qatargate Scandal

Parliamentary immunity guarantees the freedom and integrity of the MEPs and Parliament. The same is also stated on the website of the European Parliament. However, this crucial feature of the European Parliament has been violated disgracefully and breached the rule of law. MEP Giuliano Pisapia, a lawyer, expressed his views on the current Revelations regarding Qatargate Investigations in an interview with Dubbio.

He highlights that the investigation has considerably collapsed and has endangered the functioning and prerogatives of the European parliament. The European Parliament wrongly, in its defense and in the name of safeguarding an image, approved the revocation of immunity for Eva Kaili. At that time, it wasn’t even clear what Kaili was accused of.

The members of the European Parliament deprived away the immunity of Eva Kaili without understanding the whole Investigation. It was a wrong act from members of the European Parliament. It has been proved that the Qatargate investigation was a Flop activity by Belgian Authorities. Instead, it was a Belgian gate. The detention of Eva Kaili was illegal, and she spent more than 100 days in prison.

Further, he said Now it is evident that the Belgian Police and Secret Services entered the European Parliament without permission and violated the status of Parliament. The illegal activities executed by the police and the Belgian services during the investigations were violations of the European Laws and Freedom of MEPs. 

MEP Giuliano Pisapia is one of the few MEPs who showed the guts to criticize the flop handling of the investigation and how an MEP can freely exercise his duties being exposed to arbitrary political persecution. 

This incident highlights the importance of protecting MEP’s rights and ensuring they are subjected to Parliamentary immunity. It also emphasizes the importance of upholding European Law and Freedom of MEPs. Pisapia contended that this development would set a precedent that the immunity and parliamentary prerogative of the member are less critical.  

The whole scenario demands a response from the European institutions to protect the MEPs and the collective rights of the entire European Union. This response should be an amendment to the law that would strengthen the immunity of MEPs and their rights in Parliament. Furthermore, the European Parliament should investigate the case and ensure justice is served. Finally, the European Parliament should take steps to ensure that the immunity of MEPs is respected in the future.

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