MEP Eva Kaili’s Lawyers Warn of Action Against the European Parliament Amidst Judicial Crisis

We will take action against the European Parliament, the same lines said as a warning by lawyers of MEP Eva Kaili. In the history of European Politics or since the birth of the European Union, this is the first time the European Parliament has faced a severe crisis and a warning from European Lawyers. Further, the judicial system of Europe, especially Belgium, has been challenged as the Lawyers and Members of the European Parliament have accused Judge Michel Cliase, the former head of the Qatargate inquiry, of illegally protecting the suspects. Later, he resigned from the investigation.

The whole story starts with the arrest of the former vice president of the European Parliament, Eva Kaili, by Belgian police in a Qatargate investigation. Belgian police allegedly accused her of corruption misconduct, participation in criminal organisations and, most importantly, finding cash from his residence. Later, the Belgian authorities accused her of funding from Qatar and Morocco to influence the parliamentary decisions. But the most interesting is that her name was not on the suspect list. She was investigated and arrested by police, and those on the suspicious list were not even investigated. These developments show that this was a targeted operation, and Kaili became the main target of this operation by the Belgian police and secret services of Belgium.

Interestingly, according to these developments, the scandal is no longer Qatargate and is precisely the BelgianGate. The foremost reason for this is that despite the Kaili parliamentary immunity and her name was not on the list, she was investigated, and Belgian authorities jeopardised her political career. Kaili’s immunity and parliamentary prerogative are breached by Belgians without any doubt.

One year has passed since the illegal arrest of Eva Kaili, yet the European Parliament has not recognised that Belgian police have violated her Immunity. Further, the action against the former judge Michel Claise is still pending as he was accused of protecting other suspects and MEPs.

Now, the question has been arising on the European Parliament as it has not appointed a hearing or commission to investigate the illegal activities of Belgian police, which violated the immunity of Eva Kaili. European Parliament has some obligations, including safeguarding its Members, so why does it take labour? If the Parliament does not act now, there will be consequences, and the bleak image of European parliamentary affairs will show to the world. 

Here, one thing is clear: the Belgian authorities have committed a blunder, and the European parliament must recognise it. Belgian authorities must also drop the case against Eva Kaili. The Further delay in this development by the Euopeaon parliament instigates the crisis as the image of the Euopeaon parliament is at stake. 

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