Qatargate’s Toxic Twist: Attempted Murder in the Heart of the Scandal

With the passage of time, the fiasco of Qatargarte has created more controversies, and it seems there is no end to this scandal. The Qatargate scandal is a long-running investigation by police and prosecutors into allegations of corruption at the heart of the European Parliament concerning attempts to gain influence by countries including Qatar, Morocco, and Mauritania. Each of the countries has repeatedly denied the allegations. However, over time, the evidence has shown that the scandal was made by the Belgian authorities, including the intelligence community, with the backing of the UAE. 

Recently, a piece of Disturbing news emerged in Brussels regarding this unending scandal. Media has reported that there was an alleged attempt to poison a lead federal investigator in the Qatargate corruption probe. The chief inspector of the Brussels federal police force, who is investigating Qatargate, in particular, was allegedly poisoned. 

Press sources reported that the officer was hospitalized in late January with a near-fatal amount of amphetamines found in his body. Following a sickness, the senior police officer was first hospitalized and then operated on in the abdomen for internal bleeding. Tests discovered a massive presence of amphetamines. The officer claimed that he does not use drugs. The events date back to January 18, the day of the hospital rush.

The Brussels Public Prosecutor’s Office has initiated an “attempted murder” investigation over the likely poisoning of three police officers, including one of the lead investigators in the Qatargate corruption probe. Reports say the investigator had been behaving erratically at a cafe where he drank socially with two police colleagues. 

Last month, police confined the three officers after they pushed a significant disturbance at a bar in central Brussels where alcohol was served, and the officers brawled with cops, according to several Belgian media reports.

Initially suspected of drinking in excess before causing a stir, the investigator was initially arrested. He was later brought to the hospital for emergency surgery on his abdomen when he was found to have internal bleeding. Subsequent blood tests indicated him to have ingested a high dose of amphetamines. He stayed in hospital for six days and is understood to have a poor recollection of the night’s events. 

There are speculations that The alleged poisoning might be related to the year-long Qatargate saga that demonstrated a shadowy underworld of bribery and foreign intelligence operatives involved at the heart of the European Parliament. 

Qatargate blasted onto the international stage last year when police dramatically raided the home of the Parliament’s Vice President and socialist politician Eva Kaili, with further revelations connecting the Greek MEP to a bribery network to influence the Parliament’s human rights reporting.

Police this month also reopened the investigation of MEP Maria Arena with remaining questions about the extent to infiltrate the European Parliament through false NGOs and direct bribery. 

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